Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Big win

The Pacers pulled one out tonight in OT, and I think they really needed this game. To put up over 100 points (in regulation!) and win the home opener without J.O. (and no, I don't blame the last three years on him. I think he's a warrior) is a good step forward. This season will come down to Tinsley's ability to make defenses pay with jump shots (ugh, I feel sick already). And how on earth does he almost wind up with more rebounds than anyone else on that team tonight? Dunleavy (be a man and lose that useless 'a'!) putting up 25 points was a nice surprise as well. I don't blame Bird for the Dunleavy/Murphy deal because the fans can't whine about thugs and then cry when they are dealt for 50 cents on the dollar. You also have to love the work Danny Granger has done on his jumpers. His threes are exactly what this team needs.

I don't know that the Wizards are that good a club, but they have Arenas (for now anyway) and are the type of team the Pacers have to beat if they hope to make the playoffs.

It hurts that I care so very, very little about a team that was such a huge part of my life for so long. . . I want to care. They just make it so hard.

Demond Sanders: A post about the Pacers? Seriously? Quit scaring away the readers!


Ian said...

That was a great game. Even Gil's stone cold three couldn't ruin it. When Tinsley really focuses he can just tear up a defense. The question is whether they can continue playing team ball and avoid force-feeding the ball to JO when he comes back.

Nice Pacers win followed by NFL Network replaying the AFC Championship game. It's a good night.

zac said...

Seriously. The over/under for wins in Vegas for us was about 30....I will take the over please.

No 18 loss streaks please.