Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's a TRAP!

Listen to Admiral Ackbar. He knows just what the Colts are up against. The biggest trap ever. Observe:

A) They play a team in Carolina which faces one of the worst quarterback controversies ever. . . Do they choose the old crappy guy who is color blind or the young crappy guy who wears creepy white gloves?

B) The Colts play AFC favorites New England and San Diego in back to back games, following their blowout win over Carolina.

C) See? I already chalked up the win.


Zac said...

David Carr or Vinny T vs. the Colts' D-line...paramedics are standing by.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention D) the Carolina game (a close-to-meaningless inter-conference exhibition) follows a road, division, rivalry* game against a team that normally plays its best when facing the boys in Blue. And to top it all off, the Colts have a short week in which to prepare. TRAP! TRAP! TRAP!

*-rivalry is in the eye of the rivaled, and the opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily those of the Colts.

Anonymous said...

here's a link to add to your previous opinions of Tony Kornheiser...