Saturday, October 13, 2007

950 86ed?

1.) WIBC announced early this week that it would switch its current content (news & talk) over to 93.1 FM (currently the horrible RadioNow). It will at least temporarily be known as WIBC FM.

2.) 1070 AM will now become a sports talk station with ESPN's content as its anchor programming.

3.) I was listening to JMV on 1260 WNDE on Friday and he discussed 1070's big shake up. He said he is surprised that ESPN is pulling the rug out from under Greg Rakestraw and the boys at 950. He was complementary of his chief competitor, but said he has no idea what this means for the future.

4.) As far as I can tell, ESPN 950 has yet to change its name or its programming. So that leaves us with some big question marks.

950 does a solid job. It has a far weaker radio signal than 1260, but it makes up for it with original programming and a focus on high school and college sports in Central Indiana. I'm not the biggest fan of ESPN's national weekday content. Mike and Mike are annoying. Cowherd basically admits he doesn't know that much about the NFL. Mike Tirico is classy, but boring. That said, I still listen every day when I'm driving around at work. It would be difficult to create ad revenue without these shows. That leaves me with doubts about the future of the station.

If anyone can shed any light about this situation hit us up at I'm interested in finding out what the heck is going on.

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Anonymous said...

rakestraw is outstanding. he's probably the smartest of the talk show guys and perhaps the most knowledgeable. he'll land at 1070.