Monday, October 22, 2007

What time is it?

IT'S GAME TIME! Yeah, we are getting excited down here in the Sunshine State. We'll be headed up to Jholeville this afternoon to annoy the locals. In the meantime, we'll content ourselves with links we stole off of some nice guys open wifi connection. If I knew where he was, I'd pay him because he's made my week a lot easier.

FO looks at two second year running backs. Question: why haven't the Patriots gotten KILLED for whiffing on Addai and Jones-Drew? They drafted an inferior injury prone RB, and no one says, geeze guys, bad pick? Because the pundits LOVED the move at the time (Simmons practically hyper-ventilated to say the Colts choked by not moving up in the draft to take him).

Kravitz was funny today. I think one of the weird developments in broadcasting has been the moronization of Tony Kornheiser. He is a smart, funny guy. His radio show was brilliant (ESPN radio has not recovered from losing it). I even like PTI, but Tony is really bad on MNF. It's all shtick. I never feel like he believes what he's saying. I think it must be the production or something, but he is not working.

Vic thinks this game IS the future of the franchise. Ayyy, what a dark future...

A couple of thoughts on the weekend: For crap's sake Cleveland, why don't you just put a bow on that game and give it away. And for everyone who killed Lou for yanking Zambrano, meet Eric Wedge and Jake Westbrook. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE MANAGERS MAKE IS LEAVING STARTERS IN TOO LONG. Happens all the time. What part of Westbrook's last start made Wedge think he was good for seven innings?

The Dolphins are ungodly bad. They had Moss double covered, and would just trip over themselves in the endzone. I watched that game thinking, geeze, this team is horrible a lot more than I thought about NE being good.

Watching the end of the Titans/Texans as told to me by the guys in the CBS studio was bizarre. By league rule, they couldn't show more than 4:15 of the game. That clock ran out with almost 2 minutes left. I spent the rest of the game watching them tell me what was happening, then showing replays. It was a great game, but a bizarre way to watch it. If any can find tape or a clip of this, let me know. It has to be seen to be believed.

Finally, a win tonight not only puts us basically 3 up on the division but 2 up on every team not named New England in the AFC. ARRRGH! We have to win this game!


Ian said...

This is the most exciting (and probably most important) game of the year. I can't wait to see the look on Jerk Del Rio's face when we win. *

*God I hope we win!

Anonymous said...

Kornheiser has always been one of those who loved to rip 18, even making up crap to dump on him.

You knew the Tribe was toast when the 3d base coach held up Lofton when he could have strolled in for the tying run. You knew for sure it was over next inning when Casey Blake quit trying. He didn't even bother to go get the ball he booted. Score was still only 3-2 and they were done.

Anonymous said...

I remember in Jan 2004 when Wilbon and Kornheiser on PTI stuck it to Peyton often. After the Colts and Eagles both lost in conf title games, they posed the question -- which QB were they most disappointed they couldn't watch anymore in the playoffs, McNabb or Manning. They showed a closeup clip of McNabb sprinting out looking downfield to pass and gesturing to a WR. Then they showed a clip of Peyton -- he was trudging off the field after the loss in NE. Their intention was transparent. They wanted the viewer to see McNabb in the best possible light and Manning in the worst possible. It was such a blatant propaganda ploy it made you sick.

Next day, they had a segment where they evaluated which football players had the most commercial appeal. They kept moving Peyton lower and lower on the list, each time because he was a loser. It got so ridiculous you had to think that the point of the whole exercise was to see how many times they could call Peyton a loser in a five minute span.

Kornheiser is a jerk.

Anonymous said...

Colts have just scored to make it 14-0 and Tony K has talked more about Tom Brady than any player in the game. His constant disparagement of Manning by implying he is selfishly worrying about his place vis-a-vis Brady is getting really irritating.

Is there any way we can vote his ass off the island? May have to just turn the sound off.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why Steve Young hates Peyton?

HeatherRadish said...

2004: seasonal passer rating set NFL record, besting Steve
Young's 1994 112.8 rating

Lotsa good stuff in the media guide.

Someone should bring that second anon comment to the attention of McNabb the next time he claims the media is harder on him than any white QB. Heh.