Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Losing my level

One of Bill Simmons great contributions to sports vernacular has been his Levels of Losing. Thanks to the '07 Mets, he updated his classic column, and guess what? The Greatest Game in Indianapolis Colts History makes an appearance, although oddly he's not happy about it (snicker). We roll in at number 5 on the list "The Role Reversal". In honor of the achievement, I want to make my own entries for some of these:

Level XVI - Butler and Florida in 2000.
Level XV - Colts and Tampa in 2003. This game actually revealed that the Bucs D was NOT ok, and we all knew they wouldn't repeat
Level XIV - Pacers Bulls Finals in 1998. No consolation at the time, but now, I can sort of say, hey, that was just Jordan.
Level XII - Indiana Illinois 1989. Hoosiers lose on a miracle 3 at the buzzer in Bloomington. I can still hear Vitale screaming, "THEY'RE CRYING IN BLOOMINGTON BABY!" I was crying in Indy.
Level XI - Reds Braves 1995 NLCS. After the Reds lost game one in extras, it was over. Reggie Sanders had been exposed (he'd go something like 0-12 with 10 Ks in that series), and the Reds offense died.
Level X - Colts Steelers AFC Championship. KORDELL STEWART WAS OUT OF BOUNDS.
Level IX - Pacers Magic 1995 Eastern Conference Finals game 7.
Level VIII - Colts Steelers Playoffs 2006.
Level III - Again we get the Colts Steelers game of 2006. Vandy shanks. . . I can't even talk about it.

I would also add another one to his list: The Brawl. Watching not just one, but two seasons catch fire and come flaming down around us as the Pistons instigated a melee that their fans perpetuated, and then watching David Stern give the Pacers the 2004-5 death penalty was gut wrenching and still makes me sick.

In other news: FO has their DVOA rankings up. Very interesting stuff.

Also, there is a nice piece on Dallas Clark by Jeremy Green. Now, I grant you, Green is a stone cold moron, so take anything he says with a grain of salt, but still, it's complementary.

Chris Mortensen now likes the Colts based on what he saw last night. Wow. I can't believe the Pats bandwagon is already leaking oil.

Demond Sanders: That DVOA stuff just doesn't do much for me. To summarize what Chris Mortensen said for those who don't have ESPN Insider: He basically said the Bengals ran effectively against the Pats (13 carries for 55 yards), and that Brady isn't unstoppable if you can pressure him. He gives the edge to the Colts based on their receiving depth. Mike Tirico on the other hand loves the Pats, but that's not really a surprise. He's a bit effeminate, don't you think? Cheap shot, sorry.

I think we are starting to get a feel for this season. It has the potential to be a similar year to last year. I think the Colts will stay hot with a seven or eight game winning streak before getting worn down towards the end of the season (during the second batch of 3 out of 4 on the road). The Colts have lost McFarland and Morris and its only Week 5. Again please feel free to ignore my pessimism/skepticism. You should see me when they actually lose games. . . If it helps I think they'll win it all in the end.

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Radish said...

Level XIV - Pacers Bulls Finals in 1998. No consolation at the time, but now, I can sort of say, hey, that was just Jordan.

Yeah, that was just Jordan getting fouled by Mark Davis from 15 feet away. *mutter*

Although I didn't wholly fall out of love with the NBA until the Lakers-Pacers championship series where the Staples Center staff started getting everything out for the trophy ceremony with the score within three points with five minutes left in the 4th quarter. Even in high school basketball you can't be certain a team in that position will still be ahead at the buzzer. Tell me that wasn't rigged. :P