Friday, October 5, 2007

AM Radio

I have developed two life-threatening addictions in the past year. Coffee and Sports Talk Radio. The latter is without a doubt the more serious problem. As anyone who listens during the day knows: it's crap.

This afternoon JMV of The Drive on WNDE 1260 had on former Colts QB Jack Trudeau, Fox 59 Reporter Jenna Maloney, and Chris Hagan also of Fox. These four wizards were drooling over the Patriots. JMV rhetorically asked, "The Patriots have to be considered better than the Colts right now, right?" It was disgusting. A caller mentioned that they have played no one and JMV and Trudeau responded with the usual "It's the NFL. Every game is tough." Actually no guys. I guarantee you the Colts would have rather played the Pats' joke of a slate than take on Tennessee, Houston, and Denver. Chris Hagan insists that the win over the Chargers was impressive. Uh, San Diego is about to be 1-4.

I guess what ticked me off is that everyone was trying so hard to be neutral and unbiased. Trudeau even mentioned that Brady has to be considered the better quarterback. Like Jack's sorry interception-throwing, delinquency-contributing ass should really be judging any one's ability to quarterback. Sorry, I actually liked Trudeau as a player and I feel for his current plight, but come on. Is there a rule that says every former Colt quarterback has to be a caricature? Art Schlister and his gambling, Trudeau and his Prep School parties, Jeff George and his Jeff Georging, Jim Harbaugh and his hilarious cracks on everyone in Division I, Peyton Manning and his children's hospital. Wait, sorry.

For the record, I try to avoid ranting and ripping as much as possible because having an in-your-face Fox Attitude is unattractive and usually boring. Sometimes I can't help myself. If you are really that impressed with the Pats then fine, but you don't need to go out of your way to jock them because the vast majority of your listeners are homers. And we want to hear about our team, not that ticking hype bomb in Foxboro.

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