Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tampa Bay Preview

Still no word on the many injuries for the Colts. I have no idea what to expect at this point as far as who plays. Let's assume they will be playing backups at several key positions. The Bucs should take advantage of the missing linebackers by running the ball early and often. It should have a similar feel to last week's game against Denver, but with a more experienced quarterback in Garcia and a better opposing defense. I see an entertaining and high scoring game with the Colts digging out of a sizable hole to clip the Bucs 31-27.

On an unrelated note: Have you ever seen a quarterback have more time to throw than Tom Brady? Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick (Moss gives up on his original pattern and breaks open) tick, tick, throw. Hey Cleveland, when you get down to the one yard line run the ball! But I do like seeing how easily Derek Anderson and company moved the ball on the Pats' overrated defense. The Browns have run 12 times for 60 yards, but the keep throwing. The result has been 3 embarrasing picks (two on tipped balls). Thanks for giving us this crapfest CBS.

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