Thursday, October 25, 2007


There's been a lot of great stuff out there in the comments section this week, and I wanted to bring some of it to the front page. . .

John (who is a link sending beast) says the rumor is Dom is about to get cut from the Raiders. I feel bad for him. I'm glad he got a decent signing bonus, and I really hope he can get his life put back together. He also commented about whether people debated about Marino/Elway/Montana back in the day:

Where would we have held such arguments? Without the pervasive, interactive technology underpinning today's World Wide Web, there was no way to effectively hold a national argument except through media intermediaries or the ballot box. Now that everyone has their own personal soapbox to stand on and be heard globally, we need more and easier topics to argue about. I can't make an informed judgment on global warming, but I can root for Peyton.

Good points man! He also sends this link about Manning, Brady and Favre beating 31 teams if they all win this weekend.

That led to a great anonymous comment from a reader who says:

No QB has ever beaten one team, much less 31. Football is the ultimate team game. The more the media morons focus on QBs and spread the myth that they win or lose games, the more they diminish the game and reduce it to a cartoon.

I totally agree man, but this is the world we live in. Other than maybe Red Grange back in the day, I'm not sure that anyone can really win a football game by himself.

Funtimes gave us this great article from Yahoo sports of all places.

Zac says: Just don't disparage the Pats by accusing them of cheating again. If they get any more worked up they may end up killing players from opposing teams.

That made me laugh man.

An anonymous reader sent us this link to the foul mouthed Jets blog "Kissing Suzie Kolber." I'm reposting it due to it's Sun Tzu value.

CB says: Be glad you saw the game in person, and didn't have to put up with the ESPN crew. Kornhole kept having to interrupt his adulation of the Pats and Brady with an occasional nod to the actual game being played.As for the week-seven crowning of the Cheatriots, I thought I'd take a shot at setting the record straight.(It's a take on your CHFF margin-difference post a while back, only more in-depth.)

Thanks man, nice work. I'm glad we don't have to rely on this kind of analysis for much longer, though. It'll be settled on the field.

Finally, thanks to the guys from college who found us by accident. It was great hearing from you, and I'm glad you enjoy the blog.

Oh, and here's some more links. . .

Freeney was AFC defensive player of the week this week. Shove it, Jeremy Green.
Vic has lost his mind, saying that the Patriots are running up the score just like the '04 Colts. Um, Vic, Manning was benched in the 4th quarter of all those games. The Pats are playing Brady until the end and throwing the ball all over the field. He's a lazy fool.


John said...

Yeah, that was me in both cases.

The other reason (I suspect) why there's so much coverage over trivial crap like this is that on TV we've gone from 3 networks plus one or two independents per major media market, none of whom broadcast much past midnight, to hundreds of networks running 24 hours a day.

Gotta talk about something.

Jonathan said...

Not to be pedantic, but Kissing Suzy Kolber isn't a Jets blog, it's an NFL blog. It's a great site, the best sports humor out there in my opinion. Check out the "Wade & Jerry" series they've been running on the cowboys, as well as their post after last year's AFC championship game: "Hello, my name is Peyton Manning, and you can go F--- yourself".

Deshawn Zombie said...

I only read it ever couple of weeks or so, and at least one of the guys who writes it is a Jets fan, so I figured that's how it starterd. I do enjoy it everytime I check in there.

John said...

Clarification: Favre can't beat Kansas City (his 31st team) until next weekend, aka "Clash of the Titans Sunday".

HeatherRadish said...

Dunno about the players, but it looks like the Patriots fans are already trying to kill guys on opposing teams.

Can we forbid the guys to drive next week? Do they REALLY know who's flying the plane to Charlotte and back? "The last transmission received by the control tower before the crash was 'Belichick Ackbar'...investigators are unsure if this has any significance."