Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Whitlock has left the building. I have no idea what to say about this article. Apparently, the Colts are successful because they are the whitest team in the NFL. They have the whitest fan base in the NFL maybe, but beyond that I can't really comment.

The Czar has seen the light. The Colts are legit and he knows it.


John said...

Actually, as much as I generally dislike Whitlock, I have to admire him for daring to talk about this.

I think if he had emphasized culture instead of race from the beginning of the article, he'd have made his point somewhat less controversial and likely more accurate. Hip-hop is definitely not promoting selfless behavior for the benefit of those around you.

Just look at what "kill the snitch" attitudes are doing for poor neighborhoods around the country.

funtime42 said...

It's a brilliant piece of satire, right? Either that or he needs his medication adjusted. The PTBs don't care about race - they'd play a purple guy if he ran a 4.3 forty.

John said...

The PTBs don't care about race...

You're right, but they (usually) care about attitude, work ethic, and production. Whitlock is asserting that a hip-hop mentality is counter-productive in a sport where teamwork is vital to winning.

When I saw Marvin out for a night on the town, he was at a smoke-free pool bar by himself. Compare that to Pac-man's escapades.

Anonymous said...

Given the kind of grief that Bill Cosby got for saying the same thing, Whitlock has guts to write what he did.

Anonymous said...

The Czar says Belichick used to get in 18's head. When? Just once I would love for someone to actually back it up with some real analysis. In 2003, the Pats dominated the Colt O-line with a 3 man pass rush and beat the crap out of the Colt WRs. How is that getting into Peyton's head?!

No QB in NFL history has ever been described as "confused" more often than Manning. Google it some time. It will blow your mind. Any time the Colt offense isn't productive, Peyton is "confused". It's never the line getting overwhelmed or the receivers making mistakes. It's never even Peyton making a physical mistake. It's always Manning was "confused".

Brady, McNabb, Young, McNair, et al are never described as confused. Ever.

Stupid freakin' clowns. If the world were just, these idiots would have to pass an IQ test before getting paid for the drivel they crank out.