Wednesday, October 24, 2007

That maniacal laughter...

is coming from Dwight Freeney. David Carr is his favorite target.

Hey, guess what? The Colts have a great D. They are #1 in the NFL in passing and #3 overall. The most impressive thing to me was the savagery they unleashed on the Jags WRs. They punished them for every catch.

The Czar wants to throw out the baby with the bathwater. I hate all the "shake everything up! No more conferences or leagues or divisions!" This talk occurs in every sport. Who cares? Why does it matter if the Colts beat the Pats in the Super Bowl or the AFC Championship game? I'm glad for the conferences. It gives some teams hope, and forces others to play white knuckle football all year. Let's say the Colts and Pats were in opposite conferences, or there weren't conferences at all. The Nov 4 game would be essentially meaningless, and both teams might hold back, not wanted to show anything to the other, knowing that even with a loss, they'd still get a bye and homefield all the way to Arizona. Now, they have to play two high stakes games for homefield advantage and the right to go to the Super Bowl. That rules.

Finally, more rumblings about cheating from the Pats. Seriously, I wonder if we haven't just seen the tip of the iceberg.


Zac said...

Just don't disparage the Pats by accusing them of cheating again. If they get any more worked up they may end up killing players from opposing teams.

This upcoming game is going to be tough because of the schedule on top of the tough opponents. We have to play tough games on short rest...I guess its good we got our bye week right before this stretch.

Deshawn Zombie said...

That's a home run, man. Funny crap

funtime42 said...

A good article on NFLYahoo - a nice take on the Colts and their opinion of the hype:;_ylt=AsH8YMlxBY9f2Pmlm22Ku5RDubYF?slug=cr-coltskeeppace102207&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

John said...

Good find, funtime. There's another story linked from there: apparently Manning, Brady, and Favre all have the chance this weekend or next to beat their 31st team.

Brady has never beaten Washington, Manning has never beaten Carolina, and Favre has never beaten Kansas City.

And no quarterback has ever beaten 31 different teams.

Anonymous said...

No QB has ever beaten one team, much less 31. Football is the ultimate team game. The more the media morons focus on QBs and spread the myth that they win or lose games, the more they diminish the game and reduce it to a cartoon.