Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tampa Bay and Week 5 Thoughts

  • 12 rushes for 17 yards. Enough said.
  • When Dungy said they wouldn't play, he meant it. It really made for an enjoyable game. We got to see players we aren't used to step up and show their talents.
  • Excited for Anthony Gonzalez. He showed that he could develop into a #2 reciever in this league, playing on the outside.
  • Another great performance from Manning. Wayne, Clark, and Gonzalez each had seven receptions. Peyton was more than happy to hand off when necessary.
  • This game was very different than what I expected. The Colts ran the ball with ease once they figured out that Keith wasn't going to be able get outside and turn the corner. The Bucs wisely gave up on the run after the Colts allowed nothing on the ground in the first half. Garcia wisely went with the short passing game. I like his game, but you just aren't going to keep up with the Colts by dinking and dunking. Just ask Drew Brees.
  • Huge win for the Blue. I was very impressed with the defense. The crowd really came through in the first quarter which was crucial because five starters were out.
  • The schedule gets brutal for the Colts and Pats from here on out. The Pats play 5 of the next 7 on the road, including next week at Dallas. The Colts don't feel sorry for them. They play 6 of the next 9 on the road. Time to strap it on. It kicks off with a mammoth game in J-ville in two weeks. Should be fun.
  • What's up with the AFC South? Houston and Tennessee got miracle wins (Vince Young threw three picks). The division is a crippling 14-4.
  • While the Patriots' opponents are a putrid 7-16. The Colts have beaten 3 winning teams (all of whom were in first place at the time). The Pats notched their least impressive win of the season against the hapless Browns. The New England D gave up 377 yards of offense, but forced three picks and fumble which led to 21 points.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the AFC South unbeaten outside the division? All losses are to other teams in the division.

Dan said...

No - Houston lost @Atlanta last week. That's the only non-division loss for the AFC South.

Jesse said...



It's pretty amazing, another 150 yards passing and 3 ints, but people will say Vince Young "just wins" even more. I'm sure he'll use this time during the post season to work on his passing skills, right?

Demond Sanders said...

Here's an almost inexplicable quote from's Observation Deck: "A year ago, the Titans overachieved because Vince Young bailed them out with miraculous plays. They had a hard time winning games without his magic.

This week, Tennessee beat the Falcons almost in spite of Young, whose three interceptions matched a career high."

Okay, I'm going to give this writer the benefit of the doubt and assume he was covering Men's Tennis last season. That is so far from reality its amazing it made it into print.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Prepare for another edition of the Vince Young files before the end of the week!