Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Things I saw and heard today (and some links)...

My essay on our time in the 'hole will be coming in a couple of days, but for now, here's a random list of stuff I saw on my trip through North Florida and Georgia today...

1. A van with a hand-written, cardboard sign in the window that said, "When a Clinton opens their mouth, crap comes out". Aside from the obvious grammatical questions, the weirdness of having the passion to go to the trouble of writing that out and displaying it in a van, is offset by the fact that the writer used magic marker and a piece of corrugated cardboard to do it.

2. A billboard that read: "Sausage! Just like Granddad used to make!".

3. An ESPN cross promotion between the World Series and Taco Bell. Huh? Nothing says baseball like Taco Bell! I'm not sure exactly who was promoting who. Or why.

4. An Atlanta sports talk show devoting hours to the Colts Patriots. The game is 10 days away and local shows from markets that have nothing to do with either team are dedicating hours to it. Um, anyone notice the Panthers and 'Skins? Oh wait, they are NFC teams...

5. A lot of random links for the day:
PK talks Colts Pats and now thinks Brady is better.
FO says the Colts and Pats are closer than people might think, and are basically separated by the Colts crappy kick coverage.
Foxsports keeps ranking the the Colts number 1.
Chadia disagrees with his colleagues rankings.
Len P loves the physicality of the D.
CHFF praising Peyton? Has the world gone mad???
Babies are getting into the Manning/Brady debate (Thanks John).
Hashmarks has lots of Colts/Jags stuff. Keep advancing pages as you read.
The Charlotte Observer has a great piece on Peyton. I've never heard of that Panthers offer for the 1998 #1 pick.

And finally, TMQ paints the Colts Pats in cosmic colors.

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