Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Guess who has the best offense in football?

Yeah, you got it. The Horse rolls on in this week's Footballoutsiders.com DVOA ratings. The Colts sit at #2 over all, and #1 in offense (10 on D). Again, it's amazing to me that there even exists a Manning/Brady debate. Brady has had unquestionably the five greatest games of his career right? He has been on fire for five weeks. And guess what? He still can't pass Manning in DPAR and Manning is still running a more efficient offense. And this is a normal season for #18. One guy's absolutely insane, Randy Moss induced best is not as good as another guy's typical season. Hmmmm.

Also there is a nice photo of Dungy/Manning after the Tampa Miracle on SI. Tony's got this look on his face like, "Are you kidding me? This guy is amazing."

Demond Sanders: Don't forget that Manning has now played 6 quarters of football (30% of the current season) without his #1 receiver.


Ian said...

Speaking of best offenses, I was browsing around the Colts site on Fox Sports and came across this:


Peyton is the third highest paid Colts?! Does he get a ton of bonuses or something?

Deshawn Zombie said...

NFL contracts don't work like other sports. The only real thing for most players is the signing bonus. Manning signed at the time the richest contract in history (later surpassed by Vick). His cap number in any given year has no real relation to how much a guy gets paid.

Anonymous said...

You will love this comment from Charlie Casserly. Which tapes has he been watching?


The Jags also match up well on defense because they have two big and talented defensive tackles, Marcus Stroud and John Henderson, who will create problems for Indy's undersized guards. They hurt the Colts in the running game and in pass protection, where Henderson and Stroud can collapse the pocket and make Peyton Manning move his feet. Manning's only weakness is when he has to move his feet and throw off balance; he is not accurate."

This sounds like that absurd "happy feet" crap that Dan Fouts used to bloviate about when Manning moved his feet the way Cutcliffe had taught him in college.

Deshawn Zombie said...

That's insane. Charlie Casserly, ladies and gentlemen. Architect of the Houston Texans!

Ian said...

He's so inaccurate on the move that he threw a touchdown in the Super Bowl when flushed out of the pocket.