Thursday, July 31, 2008

I called this one

So today the Star reports the Colts might still have interest in Rob Morris (if healthy). I mentioned this as a possibility a few weeks ago. You all know that we love Rob Morris, and would love to see him back around the team, if for no other reason than he's a positive influence.

Also, in case you've forgotten, we still have openings for people to win Super Bowl XLI programs. All you have to do is submit a write-up of one of the blank games on the Most Important Wins list.

I'm heading to Germany tomorrow, so Demond will be on his own for the next week or so, but I think he's going to blog the HoF game. Alas, I won't get to see it. If it's on at all, it'll be in the middle of the night, and I have to share a room at my conference. I'll catch it on tape when I get home.

links: Funtime sent us this one. It's really too creepy to comment on. Just read the hyper-link and do with it what you will.

Demond Sanders: Allow me to take a minute and mock the clown who voted for the Addai/Keith duo in our latest poll.

Bye Jr.

Ken Griffey has been dealt to the White Sox. No details are available as to the trade, and he must approve the move.

I was hoping it was coming (he was going to be gone in a few months anyway, and I wanted them to get SOMETHING for him), but I'm sad about it. The Griffey years may not have been what we all imagined they would, but it wasn't his fault.

Thanks Jr. Get that ring.

UPDATE: Jr. approved the deal. The Reds and Sox will split his salary and a contract buy out. The move will save the Reds more than $4 million dollars. They also got a couple of players that I know nothing about from the Sox system.

Link: Ken Rosenthal can't figure out why no one wants Dunn. I'm telling you, he MUST be resigned.

Sarah D reports from Colts Camp

Sarah from Terre Haute weighs in on her day at Colts camp:


(First off, for those that will possibly get confused as to some of the places mentioned, Rose-Hulman (RHIT) has an interactive map. Colts’ camp is in the back of campus at locations A [Sports and Recreation Center] (“rec center”), B [Cook Stadium]/Phil Brown Field (“stadium”), and the Intramural Practice Fields (“practice fields”)).

First thing I had to do (on top of going to the local organization vendors, which were giving away free water [it wasn’t TOO bad outside; only mid-80s…with about 90% humidity and sunny outside])? Purchase a disposable camera, which can be purchased only at the ColtsProShop closest to the tennis courts (there’s 2 ColtsProShops), a Colts’ horseshoe pin (for my pin collection) and a magnetic silver marker. All this (along with getting lunch) was done around 2:15, when I went to the crowd that was forming for gathering signatures just south of the rec center and north of the stadium. I sat there, conversed with other fans, and left for the practice fields, which is east of the tennis courts across another bridge. Even though most stands were filled, I managed to find a seat in the easternmost stands, next to a lady whose video camera was confiscated by security during the morning session, thus relegated her to use her cell phone camera to take pictures (digital pictures I think are fine; video taping is not). Upon watching practice (with were drills with pads; only ones I was able to see were special teams, wide receivers, 1st team offense vs. 2nd team defense [although not very well from my vantage point]), I took a few pictures and stayed after practice to attempt to get more signatures when they were leaving (as the day after was an off-day, and most players were leaving for home for Sunday…or watching the travesty that was the Allstate 400 [being a *gulp* former F1 fan myself (Jacques Villeneuve being my favorite driver), I empathize with the NASCAR fans; similar incident happened at the 2005 United States Grand Prix at the Speedway (the one that resulted in all Michelin teams boycotting the race; the consensus there was that…the heads of F1 were to blame, but again, I digress)]).

Eventually, I called a cab around 6:45p.m. to pick me up.
In that time, I was able to get 4 autographs on the car flag I brought with me:
Before practice, Coach Dungy came to the group a few minutes before afternoon practice, only indicating he would stay and sign for about 5 minutes, then had to leave for the practice field (which is south of RHIT’s stadium)

After practice, most players and staff left. Only one - Jim Sorgi - stayed after practice, signed signatures, gave 2 lucky kids his sweatbands, and talked…but nothing Colts’ related from when I got there.

After Sorgi, I went back to the stadium, and say Ryan Lilja signing autographs along a very long line (he was the only one that went down the ENTIRE LINE OF FANS!!) and talking to everyone there. (More about him later.)

A few minutes after Lilja, rookie Jacob Tamme (who was sitting down while Lilja was signing, but appeared to be limping over)

As for practice itself:
Most of the rookies were on special teams.
See below regarding Marvin Harrison. However, of the new WR’s, I think Sam Giguere (#14, FA from Sherbrooke) looked pretty good (he was the only one of the day that caught a long pass in the end zone during drills).

As for our “PUPs”:
The day I was there, both Peyton Manning (sorry..don’t know yet where he may be, nor do I want to know) and Dwight Freeney were there.

While watching practice, I had a very good vantage point of Bob Sanders (I was in front of him, on the other sideline). He was in “uniform”, but not in pads nor had a helmet, nor did he have any bandages protecting his stomach. (IMHO: I think they didn’t want him to go after the fresh brains.)

Yes, Marvin’s perfectly fine, thank you very much. He was taking routes, catching long passes (I think he missed only 1 long pass)…and almost jumped over the rope between the practice field and crowd, but stopped inches from jumping. (Said the female who was about to be his target: “Hey, I would’ve caught him.”)

While he was signing signatures, Ryan Lilja mentioned his knee was fine, and that he should be ready by Week 1 of the regular season, if not earlier.

That’s all I can give right now. As soon as I get pictures ready will I send them. Hope this may help.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I can't help but feel...

that the Yankees just made a huge deal. Listen, I know he isn't what he once was (now that he's off the juice), but Pudge makes a difference in a pitching staff. Remember when the Rangers were good? It was a long time ago, but Pudge was running things. He was absolutely the man for the Marlins, and his arrival in Detroit pushed them to the World Series. Now the Yankees have him. Maybe this is just more classic Yankees-acquiring an aging veteran who is over-paid, but Ivan Rodriguez feels like the kind of guy the Yankees used to bring in at the deadline in the late 90s. I have no stats to back this up; I freely admit it. The AL East will come down to the wire though, and I like Yankees chances with Pudge behind the plate.

ESPN revists 10 deadline deals. #5 says what I've said here many times (only they left out the huge break in salary the Reds got)

Jags having a rough camp

Media darling Jacksonville is really off to a rough beginning this season. Jerry "Is there any evidence he can play?" Porter already blew a hammy, "#1" WR Reggie Williams came back from PUP just long enough to get carted off the field, and oh yeah...


The team that traded up (ill-advisedly) to draft Derrick Harvey in hopes that he could help to contain Peyton Manning...hasn't bothered to sign him yet. It's hard for rookie DEs (even great ones) to make a big impact in the first few weeks anyway (see Williams, Mario and Freeney, Dwight), but after missing at least several days of camp, the odds of Harvey being an impact player in the all-important week three game at Indy are slim to none. The Jags possibly had an elite roster, but will likely struggle early in the season due to continuity problems on offense and a lack of reps for their top pass rusher.

Oh, and the main page at A plea to buy tickets.

Say it with me folks...LA JAGS! LA JAGS! AFC MIDWEST! AFC MIDWEST!

How does this man still have a job?

Corey Patterson may be the worst player in the Major Leagues. Last night the announcers actually debated whether he was capable of getting a hit in any other way besides bunting. Despite being of no value beyond a late inning defensive replacement, Patterson (who can't even pinch run effectively because he's been caught stealing 33% of the time) LED OFF for the Reds. Wait...

He led off?

After last night's 0-4, HIS ON BASE % IS .216. For the more conventionally minded...HE IS HITTING .183 AND IT'S JULY. If ever in the history of the world there was a player who should hit 9th, it is Corey Patterson. Arroyo was the pitcher last night. He had two hits in his last game. Patterson hasn't had 2 hits in a game since May and did only five times this year.

Why does he still have a job? The rumor is that he has compromising photos of Dusty Baker. We at have obtained one such photo, and in the interest of freeing Dusty from the clutches of this batless blackmailer will publish it now:

Photo not actually Dusty Baker. Midget is actually a terrier.
Yes, it's true. Dusty has a thing for midgets. Afraid for his reputation (why, I'm not sure), Dusty wanted to hide his monstrous predilection from the world. This has opened the door for Corey Patterson to use his leverage over Dusty to continue to occupy a major league roster despite no actual playing ability.
You are free now, Dusty! No judgement here. Continue to delight in what makes you happy...AND CUT COREY PATTERSON!

There's almost no point getting mad about it...

But Mike Floria, Colts hater, continues to take to pot shots at the club over Manning's recent surgery. In a note about Manning arriving at Terre Haute last night, he needless tossed in this line:
Or maybe, just maybe, the Colts don’t want people to see how badly Manning is limping after the procedure, if he indeed is limping badly.

I can't tell if he's just trying to bust the chops of Colts fans, or he really believes his insane conspiracy theory. He's convinced Manning had his leg amputated and will miss at least 6 months getting a robot leg made out of toaster parts. The bad news is that it will limit his mobility. The good news is...FREE TOAST!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One in isn't

It seems Peyton showed up in Terre Haute. Does anyone want to bet about the odds he tries to play in the preseason game on August 24 (first game at the dome)? Don't be shocked if it happens. (thanks Sarah for the link)

I haven't really commented on the Quinn Pitcock situation (he's absent from camp) mostly because really, he's still just a kid. A lot of 23-24 year old kids who are faced with tough, demanding work situations decide that they just aren't up for it. Social science has said in recent years that 'adolescence' has been prolonged and now lasts into the mid to late 20s for most people. That essentially means that the emotional difference between most people in their mid 20s is about the same as a 15-16 year old. Honestly, it's surprising that this kind of thing doesn't happen more often. I hope he can get his head clear and make the best choice for him and his family.
UPDATE: Yes, Bob's right, he's officially retired. Unless he calls up the team in two months, unretires, demands his release and sets of a media firestorm. Wait, who are we talking about again?

Demond Sanders: He's about to turn 25 in September and has already played a season in the league. He's not a kid in my book. You know why this doesn't happen more often? Because you'd have to be crazy to throw away a career in the NFL just because you are having so much fun getting high and living in mom's basement. No offense, JC. As always, I'm sure there's a lot more to the story.

USA Today Bloggers have named Harrison the #1 Receiver to watch this year. Sounds about right.

LA Jags! LA Jags!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Worst Headline Ever...and other thoughts

A couple of things that I've been thinking about:

How pointless is this headline? I read it and immediately thought, 'Shouldn't the insurance cover that?'. Then I read the article. Yes, the insurance should cover it. Then what was the point of the alarmist headline?

Remember camp last year? When we lost our starting LT before it started and then Booger a week into it? This year's spate of 'injuries' looks mild in comparison.

Tom Crean just got an extension. Good for him. This may be ugly for a year or two. He deserves job security just for keeping us all from jumping off the bridge.

I love Phil B. His comment on Kenton Keith is painfully short, but hilarious and informative all at the same time. We all flat know what he means.

I think StampedeBlue has done a nice job of covering the camp. We are still awaiting the report that was promised us by Sarah from Terre Haute.

Fox Sports power poll placed us fourth. The Giants? That's cute. Still, the description of the team was dead on.

Links coming fast and furious...

So much going on...I scarcely know where to start:

ESPN's AFC South Blogger covers Colts' camp.

Prisco takes five things away from Colts' is that Ed Johnson is a player. He also thinks we'll be pretty good this year.
Apparently, he also heard a rumor that Bill Polian knows what he's doing. Funny, I heard that same thing.

Peter King's piece on Favre is totally nuts. I swear, this is getting to be one of the most insane situations in history. The Pack is moving on? WHY???? TO WHAT? In five years, we may well look back on Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy as the biggest idiots in football history. Aaron Rodgers will be booed off the field unless he starts hot, and I mean blazing hot. I know they think they are doing this guy a favor by protecting his right to play, but the man has ZERO window with the fans. If they lose to Minnesota in week check that...if he plays poorly in the PRESEASON, the fans will riot in Green Bay. Uuuuugly.

CHFF chimes in with a Star Wars reference. I wonder if the dominance of NE/Indy has more to do with the arrival of two historically great QBs than it does anything else.

Ross Tucker's words should chill the hearts of the Pack faithful.

"The coaches and GMs want to see their draft picks and free-agent signees succeed, and perhaps rightfully so. It makes them look good.
Though it should be all about wins and losses, too often it becomes more about validating one's decisions"

The funny thing is...he wasn't even talking about Favre when he said it.

I just spent waaaay too long trying to get this clip to embed correctly.  Sportsline sucks.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tired of this crap

NASCAR proved once again today that nothing can bore 250,000 people quite like a stock car race. In case you missed the "show" here's a quick recap: Goodyear, the sport's sole tire provider, failed to provide a product that was capable of running more than 10 laps. The problem was due to a lack of proper track testing combined with the introduction of the newly engineered Car of Tomorrow to the Brickyard. The tires wore out their tread quickly and then, in several cases, exploded. This forced the drivers to cautiously navigate the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at three-quarters speed. NASCAR responded by enforcing a "competition yellow." Every ten laps the entire field was forced to pit and change their tires.

Stock car racing isn't my idea of fireworks to begin with, but a yellow flag every ten laps made for one of the most boring afternoons of racing I've ever witnessed. It was an embarrassment to the league and Goodyear. At least I was watching from my couch. I am sorry for the paying customers. The Indy 500, almost without exception, leaves me feeling amazed. F1 and NASCAR, each with its own tire-related scandal, have tainted the reputation of the greatest racing facility in the world.

In open-wheel news, Paul Tracy had a great showing in his much-delayed Indycar Series debut yesterday at the airport course in Edmonton. He started 15th and finished 4th for Tony George's Subway car. Not bad for an old guy hopping in off the street. Unfortunately, the race was ended by officials four laps early when ESPN decided that it simply had to show the first five minutes of Sportscenter. I'm not making this up. Not even a little. If you ask me, the worldwide leader picked the wrong race to cut short.

Updated: Bob Kravitz lets out his own frustration about Sunday's event, employing his trademarked brand of righteous indignation.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Early Camp Reports

The number one thing people are buzzing about this year? Marvin Harrison looks like his old ninja self. I have to say, a return to form for Marvin isn't exactly what I predicted (I basically have just been playing the "if he's better great, if he's not, we still love him" card), but now that I hear he's going full speed, making cuts and looking good, I'm elated. I really didn't want that fumble against San Diego to be the last real memory we had of him.

John Clayton also weighs in on issue #1, and his report is good. He thinks Freeney looks like he's ahead of schedule.

Don't forget to be reading Phil B. He thinks that Pollack will be the starter at guard. Scroll back a couple of days and check out his answer to my question about his cryptic statement about Tony Ugoh. Apparently, there are a couple of national guys out there who are stupid.

It's not innate of anything, but FO looks at the Hall of Fame by team. The Indy Colts, of course, have just one real representative (Dickerson), with four more locks in waiting (Manning, Harrison, Dungy, and Polian). FO also mentions James and Wayne. Edge may well need another banner season or two. Reggie needs about 5 productive years and one more Super Bowl. Another Super Bowl would boost the resume of Jeff Saturday as well. Bob Sanders? The rumor is that he ripped the cranium off the top of the Dan Fouts bust and snacked upon his bronzed brain. For the safety of everyone involved, it may be best to keep him far away from Canton.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mulder and Scully

I just got home from watching the new X-Files film: I Want to Believe. I suppose that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am an X-Files fan. I've been following the making of this movie for a year (yet went into it spoiler free). Last year my wife and I plowed through the whole series from start to finish. I started watching the X-Files around the time the first movie, Fight the Future, came out. It was the movie that drew me into the series. That point will become pertinent soon.

Here's the thing about the film. . . It's basically just an episode of the show. If you are a fan, and care about the characters of Mulder and Scully (who they are, what they believe, if they are happy), then this film offers up quite a bit. It is about them and who they are after all these years. To that end, the movie is very satisfying and will not disappoint fans. Unfortunately, all the great 'meat' that is in the movie both philosophically and emotionally, is dressed up in a plot that doesn't really feel cinematic. Oddly enough, in films like this it's usually the dialogue and themes that suffer in the wake of high octane action. In this film, the dialogue and themes are wonderful...but there is almost no gas for the fire. Without going into details, what they investigate doesn't feel like an 'event'. Fight the Future was a MOVIE. A building blows up. A spaceship takes off. An alien eviscerates a caveman. This film...let's just say that there isn't anything there to be really scared of. If you love the X-Files, then have no fear. This movie will be valuable to you. If Mulder and Scully were like the old friends that you lost touch with, you'll be happy to know that they are well. You'll be drawn into their quests to find peace and resolution with their past. The movie leaves a door open for more (Hello! The world is supposed to end in 3 years?!), but then almost seems to shut it half through a hilariously poor credit sequence that must be endured in order to get to the good-bye.

Unfortunately, I Want to Believe (an apt title) won't bring anyone new to the table that wasn't already waiting to feast. I had two hopes for this film: 1. that it would leave the characters I loved in good shape with life and with each other (Accomplished) and 2. It would do well enough that the promised for TV movie/miniseries to resolve the plot thread left open in the series finale would get made. I have my doubts. The budget couldn't have been huge for this piece (it got green-lit in part because Carter had a script ready on the eve of the writers strike, and the studio was terrified it wouldn't have any movies to put out this summer), but even so, I'm not sure how much money it will make.

I want to believe there will come an end to last lingering questions from the series. If not...then this was a fitting farewell. I'll still miss Mulder and Scully, but at least I feel better about where I left them.

Demond Sanders: Wow, you just wrote a lot. . . about the X-Files. Take it easy, Jar-Jar.

Ok, I'm really starting to question my own sanity...

Because Bob Kravitz echoed today what we've been saying for about six months now. Freeney's injury is the one to worry about. Seriously, I don't know that I've ever agreed with Kravitz so entirely on anything he's written. The solace I can take is that we've been beating this dead horse for so long now, that I suppose it's possible that Bob just flat stole the idea from us. Granted, it's so insanely obvious that anyone with half a brain and a cursory knowledge of this team would agree. If Kravitz has passed the test, then I think we'll have to go with a different question for the AIASAT this year. Any suggestions? Will Jags revert to the mean?

Links: This is one of the funniest Onion pieces ever. The quote by Ned Yost at the end is gold. There was a shot of Sabathia pitching to Dunn with Fielder at first during a Reds game recently. That represents a LOT of tonnage.

CHFF turns on Bill Belichick like a Brutus impersonator at Ceaserfest 08 (for some reason I had a really hard time coming up with a good betrayal reference. Sue me.). Not all the points are good, but it's sort of hilarious to see him made of.

Michael Lombardi of SI gets the Colts right. If healthy, this team is a juggernaut.

Demond Sanders: Mike Freeman updates his annual jerk list. Only one jerk is Colts related, but it is disturbing how many of these people on the list were childhood heroes. #48, #31, #8, and #6 are particular favorites of mine.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's go camping!

Hey! It's finally here! Our boys are smacking it around again, and camp opens with good news. The picks are almost all in (I told you there was nothing to worry about). Only Santi (a 6th rounder is unsigned). I heard rumors he was hurt, so the Colts may not sign him until he's healthy just so they can use the roster spot. Meanwhile, the Star leads off today with the promise that Dwight Freeney will be healthy enough to start week 1. I've said it over and over again, this is the one issue that really matters.

I wish I was going to get down to camp, but a business trip to Germany for 9 days starting next week makes that a little dicey. It still might happen, but I wouldn't count on it.

LINKS: We've known for awhile that Mike Floria is a tool. This post pretty much proves it. It's possibly the dumbest thing anyone has ever said. The Colts sign Quinn Grey and that means Peyton Manning is hurt really bad. Wow.

ESPN statistically (sort of) ranked the prestige of NCAA basketball programs since 1984. IU comes in at #13. I feel sick.

FO lists the best RB performances since 1995. Three different Colts make the list. We really have been blessed with an almost unbroken run of amazing RB play going back to the late 80s.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trade Adam Dunn? For Huston Street?

The most insane rumor is currently running around MLB sites. It has the Reds dealing Adam Dunn (who now is tied for the NL lead in HRs), for Oakland closer Huston Street. This deal makes absolutely no sense. Dunn is due to walk at the end of this year. The Reds SHOULD resign him, but apparently Cincy fans are too stupid and want to run him out of town. Even so, Dunn will yield two top picks if signed by another club. He is insanely valuable both as a player and as a token.

Huston Street is an arbitration eligible closer. He will never be more overvalued than he is right now. Surely...SURELY this can't possibly true.

Walt Jockety should be shot if he makes this deal.

Among the best

Michael Silver, who continues his exile from public consciousness by writing for, has released his annual owner rankings. This time he gives a lot more love to Jimmy Irsay. I still can't fathom his love affair with Dan Snyder, but being in the top 6 is a good start. Irsay has been everything a fan could hope for in an owner.

Who's the worst? Look to our brothers in the AFC South...the Jholes! Yes folks, Wayne Weaver was ranked as the worst owner in the NFL. The write up on him is hilarious...

"He’s totally and completely out for his bottom line, and the league’s best interest is not in his mind at all.” Echoed a second owner: “He’s been actively trying to sell for a year-and-a-half, and he’s totally checked out. He knows it won’t work in Jacksonville."

Links: CHFF lists the best coaches of all time. The results prompt them to call the Colts/Pats rivalry perhaps the greatest ever. The 49ers and Cowboys of the 90s might argue with that, but if one of those two teams takes home another title or two, the debate will be settled.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Links

We are currently working on some more articles so here's some links to hold everyone over.

Jeff Chadia picks the 10 most indispensable players in football. Anyone want to guess at #1 and #2? Yeah, you nailed it.

CHFF reprints the over/unders from Vegas. In regards to the Horse Shoe, take the over.

There is no less relevant story than this one. The Colts always sign everyone at the last minute and almost never have hold outs. This simply is no big deal. I wouldn't sweat it.

Marvin is going to show up to practice. Sweet. This season just got a lot brighter.

Manning and Brady share the top QB slot according to USA Today. Other Colts dot their list.

What? Now Manning might well play in the preseason? He might not miss regular season games??? GASP! I hate the media. How is this even news?

Check out this FO piece about Red Zone picks. The comments are worth reading.

Remind me again why this city has a franchise?

Monday, July 21, 2008

ESPN Power Rankings Passes the test

So I mentioned the "Am I a Smart Analyst Test" last night, and low and behold we have our first 'pass' of the test in awhile. ESPN has the Colts ranked second, but more importantly than the ranking is the reason. They've figured out exactly why all the injury talk is way overblown.

In other news, FO ranks the best QB seasons in the DVOA era. Our boy does pretty well (#1 overall, 4 of the top 8, 6 of the top 20). Yeah, he's pretty good.

Demond Sanders: Humor me for a moment and let me bask in the glory that is Danica. An average racer who, by virtue of having two X chromosomes, is the only known human who can get Indycar precious seconds on Sportscenter and CNN in the same day. Here's the latest international incident featuring the beautiful and talentless Milka Duno:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday links

After enduring another brutal loss by the Reds, who are playing fairly well otherwise, I decided to surf a bit. Here's what I found:

CHFF doesn't seem to like anyone in the AFC. Actually, the Colts injury situation is pretty overblown despite what scouts say. The Jags losing Jerry Porter, who won't have preseason to work with a new QB and offense, is a much bigger issue than any of the Colts veterans being out. I think that writers get bored and keep hoping to beat the curve on the Colts finally not winning the division. They'll regret it come December. We might be sniffing the key question for the annual "Am I a smart analyst? test". (For the record: 2006 test was "Will the Colts miss Edgerrin James? 2007 was will the Colts miss June/David/Rhodes ect? The answer to both questions was NO!) We'll see how big a deal writers and pundits make of it, but this is running neck and neck with "Will Jags make the leap?". Injuries are ALWAYS an issue in the NFL, but with the Colts unhappy about the 80 man roster limit, it's not surprising that they are holding out more and more key veterans. Move along folks, there's nothing to see here.

The Skins getting Taylor for a second round pick is a great deal for both teams. It just shows how bad the Jholes screwed up by not getting him when they had the chance.

Apparently, Tony's quiet strength came in handy. (link found on CHFF)

Whitlock gets it right on Favre

Saturday, July 19, 2008

How I Felt About the Dark Knight

I'm almost speechless. What can you say about a movie who's only flaw is that it was awesome for so long that I was almost exhausted by amazement? Whatever you've heard about TDK, triple it. Demond threw me a quote earlier this week comparing this movie to the greatest movie ever made: The Empire Strikes Back. And it is. It so thoroughly and completely perfects and redefines the comic book genre that quite simply nothing can compare to it. If there is a better film this year, I'll be amazed (and that's coming from a guy who sees most every significant movie every year because I love film).

To start with, they might as well just nominate Heath Ledger for Best Supporting Actor five times, because no one else will win. He could be alive and well and making Casanova 2-Casa is the Nova, and I would still say that. His performance was creepy and funny and brilliant. He could play gay cowboys from now till the end of time and never come close to a performance like this again. The fact that it most likely killed him adds an odd voyeuristic quality to what was already a disturbing and brilliant character.

All the supporting roles were well cast, and I love Maggie Gyllenhall (Donnie Darko, Stranger than Fiction) as a serious upgrade over Katie Holmes. Gary Oldman's Jim Gordon was rock solid again, and one of my favorite parts of the film. I had heard lukewarm comments about Aaron Eckhart, but found them to be unfounded as he nailed Harvey Dent.

As for action, I tire with most movies. I've seen every conceivable car chase and fist fight. I liked Hulk until he started to smash stuff. This movie though...this movie was sick. Car chases, fights, Batman flying around the city...everything was fresh and new and amazing. It was note perfect.

There were so many amazing laugh out loud, cheer, groan, and just flat "HOLY CRAP" things in that movie that I couldn't even absorb them all. Don't even get me started on the ending, which miraculously and unexpectedly managed to pay off the previous 2 hours and 20 minutes in an amazing way that I simply didn't expect.

Again, this movie is so good and so long, that I feel that it isn't a stretch to say that Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are the best comic book trilogy every made, and fit to stand along side the very best of triple features in movie history. What? There's only two movies? Didn't feel like it. They could have cut this one in half and made two movies out of it. Instead, they hammered us with one of the great accomplishments in popcorn cinema. I hope Lucas and Spielberg study it before making Indy 5 (The Search for Shaia's Lebouf). THIS is a movie that pays off on the promise of Star Wars, Jaws, Indy Jones, Superman 2, and every other movie that threatened to swallow a summer whole.

Counting the babysitter, I just dropped $35 dollars to see this with my wife. I spent the whole movie holding her hand and hugging her because we both knew what we were seeing was special. Every penny was spent.

So yeah...I liked it okay, I guess.

Demond Sanders: "I spent the whole movie holding her hand and hugging her because we both knew what we were seeing was special." Wow, you are a dork, but you're right about the movie. Ten minutes into the show I leaned over to my wife and calmly told her it was the best movie I've ever seen.

Friday, July 18, 2008

No Jokin'

I figure that no one is reading blogs tonight because everyone is too busy going to see the Dark Knight. I wish that I would have seen it at midnight last night, but babysitters are notoriously hard to find at that hour. Demond and I will both be taking our respective wives out for romantic nights of comic book heroes. Ah, but we are so very suave. Oddly enough, as excited as I am about this film, I more a'tingle over the return of Mulder and Scully next Friday. My wife and I are taking a weekend away to Canada to check out cultural extravaganza of the X-Files on Friday and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival on Saturday. Chris Carter and the Bard all at once. Be still my heart.

Before I turn completely into Harry Knowles, check out home of Big Dave's Horseshoe Haven podcast. His guest this week is yours truly. He has a very solid podcast that merits your subscription. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Paul Tracy: Dead or Canadian?

Well he's not dead. And he's back behind the wheel. The aging would-be winner of the controversial 2002 Indy 500 will, ironically, drive for Tony George's Vision Racing team for at least one race. It sounds like he'll drive at his home race in Edmonton and anything else will depend on his ability to not kill the other drivers. Also, you gotta love the weird Canadian music.

Why go to all the trouble?

Those who aren't regular readers or don't read the comments may well question why I went to the trouble to rebut a four year old article. One reader put it like this in his email entitled "Are you an idiot?":

The article is 4 years old. You go up to 2007 idiot. Yes, I can refute everything George Bush did 4 years ago. I have some other things you can investigate that have the same currency:Are the "Swift Boaters" right? Is the invasion of Iraq justified?Since it take 5 years for the oil from new drilling to get to market, shouldn't Bush want to open up closed areas for drilling now? Will the Red Sox ever break the curse of the Bambino? What about the White Sox? (Who cares about the Cubs?) If the Academy didn't create the "Animated Feature Film" category could "Million Dollar Baby" hold off "Shrek 2" as easily as "Finding Neverland?" Will Jamie Foxx win for his performance in "Ray" despite or because of past snubs of black actors? Gee, will viewers miss cartoon network's Toonami?

Thanks for your email, William. My best response is: just because a lie is old and out of date, doesn't mean that people don't still believe it. And yes...I'm an idiot for spending about ten hours on something just because JC baited me. I'm sort of like Marty McFly in that respect. One of these days someone will goad me into some reckless blog race, and I'll crash into a truck, injure my hand and never be able to type again. Will I ever learn?

Dungy comments on the Favre situation. Mike Floria thinks that's weird. I'm sort of torn about this. Honestly, it is a little weird. On the other hand, the media keeps calling to ask him about things, and I've long thought the whole 'no comment' thing was weird. In general, I think people should go ahead and express what they think. It's more weird that someone would call Dungy to ask him about the situation than it is for him to comment on it. Ultimately, if someone asks you a direct question, you should answer it. It's the responsibility of the questioner to question the relevance of the question.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Really Easy, Really Hard

Thanks to prompting of one of our loyal (re: obnoxious) readers, I undertook a massive endeavor. For too long, the ridiculous Cold Hard Football Facts article entitled The Complete & Unabridged Guide to Why Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning has been allowed to stand unchallenged.

The article was crap. In fact, it was so poorly reasoned that it actually caused me pain to read it. So I took it apart. Piece by crappy piece. Doing so was easy on the one hand. The arguments were thin, the logic was inconsistent, and the facts wrong. On the other hand, there was so much wrong with the article, that by the time I was done, I had a 13 page document.

This is the final result. I want to thank Shake and Stan for their contributions. I intend to alert CHFF to the piece soon, but it would be best if some of you take a look at it when you have time. You all know my penchant for typos. I invest so much time in writing the articles, that my eyes glaze over when it comes time to proof them.

Let me be clear, this article doesn't set out to prove that Manning is better than Brady. I believe it to be so, but consider it impossible to prove one way or the other at this stage of their careers. The point of this article is to show that CHFF did a horrible job in comparing the two QBs. Their numbers were skewed, their arguments were weak.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Manning has knee surgery...yawn.

Yeah, so you never want to hear that your franchise QB just had knee surgery. I'm sure this is probably no big deal, and if anything reduces the possibility that something horrible will happen in the preseason. In fact, if there was ever an argument for the uselessness of preseason football, this is it. The Colts are basically saying, "Sure, wait till the last minute so you can have a reason to ensure that everyone who pays for preseason tickets will spend the whole time checking out the new digs at Lucas Oil and not have any reason at all to watch the field." Manning is expected back in 4-6 weeks, basically just in time for the last preseason game.

Sigh. It's SORGI TIME!

God bless you, Hambone. That was some kind of night. You may be gone, but I'm still wear your jersey.

Demond Sanders: Hambone is something else. After homer #10 last night I called DZ and told him I think we (the Reds) may have traded Babe Ruth. 18 home runs later I'm pretty damn sure of it. I like his game so much it almost doesn't matter he's not in Cincy any more.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm still traveling and now working on a pretty big piece for the site, so I'm just throwing up links today:

Floria gets something right. The AFC North will have a rough season. I say 10-6 wins it.

Seifert is correct as well. The whole season hinges on the question he asks about the Colts. We've been saying for's the one and only issue with this club. Good news and we hoist Lombardi in February. Bad news and we win 12 games, the division, and exit the playoffs early.

Doug Farrar of FO looks at the Jags. He rightly sights their D (not their O) as the issue standing between them and the next level. I would love to see them move to a blitz crazy D. Sounds like a recipe for big games from Manning.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

How not to end a career

I know Peyton is way to classy to ever pull this crap, but let the Favre drama be a lesson to all future HOF quarterbacks.

Like all good Americans, I like and appreciate Brett Favre because there are certain plays only he can make. But the madness needed to stop a long time ago. Don't get me wrong I think the Packers are crazy not to make another run with Favre, but I can't blame them for wanting to tell him to get lost.

Still, if this was Peyton (and again it never would be) your only option is to let him come back as often as you want. If Green Bay fans love Favre as much as I think they do they will be furious with the organization for years to come.

Friday, July 11, 2008

He only lies when his lips move

...said Pokey Reese of Jim Bowden (ex Reds and current Nats GM). Now he's under investigation by the FBI for stealing money from poor Dominican kids. Yikes. It's distressing to see Jose Rijo involved in the scandal as well. I hated Bowden already for being a weasel, but it's sad to see a man who brought the Reds a World Series get wrapped up in such things.

I've been insanely busy this week, but here's a list of links that have come up:
FO explains in more detail about the switch from DPAR to DYAR. Personally, I'm all for anything that is more accurate. I think DPAR was misleading because as Schatz points out, 'points' weren't equivalent between positions. For instance, you couldn't add up the WR, QB, and RB points given out in a game and get the total points the team scored. I think DYAR will work out well in the long run.

CHFF lists the most overrated QBs. The list is crap. They kill Elway for having wins with no stats and Aikman for having too much talent around him and Fouts for playing in a system. I know they wouldn't put Brady on the list, but explain to me how he's any better than Elway or Aikman. He had less talent on offense (save one season), and his stats were crap, but he won. I thought that's all that mattered to those guys. But now, they kill Elway for not having stats and just winning. At least they got #1 right. It's Namath and it's not close.

This piece on HoFers in football is great. I found it through SI, but it made a great point that I've been banging on for months. A lot of 'names' retired recently. They aren't all going to the Hall at all, and maybe one of them will get in on a first ballot (the suddenly a-holish Favre if he stays out). And just who is mentioning Steve McNair for the Hall? Give me a break. He barely ever made the freaking Pro Bowl. He's the Fukudome of football (just kidding).

Great job Kravitz. I can't believe I'm not being sarcastic. I appreciate him defending Jermaine O'Neal. JO took a lot of heat for things he didn't do and has been called a whiner for enduring one of the worst collections of miscreants to grace the Indy sports scene ever. This was a nice piece by Bob and shows that maybe he does have a heart and not just a penchant for irritation.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I hate the NL Central

It's bad enough to have to play in a 6 team division, but now that the Brewers and Cubs have both improved their starting rotations, it just got that much tougher. The Cubs pulled off a great trade for Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin today. I'm shocked the A's parted with Harden for so little, but since he's on my fantasy team, I have noticed that he hasn't gone past 5 innings too often recently, which makes me wonder how sound his arm is. Still, this is a great deal for the Cubs who apparently agreed with my assessment that they needed more pitching. The only part that surprises me is that they were able to acquire it.

Tony appeared on Mike and Mike.

Making things harder than they really are

I have one question for the Packers:

Do you have a better chance to win the Super Bowl with Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers?

I think they have zero chance to win with Rodgers. I think they have a puncher's chance with Favre.

So why cry if Favre wants to come back?

They are better with him than with Rodgers. They should be dancing in the streets.

Is there something I'm missing?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Why do Cubs fans hate the Cubs?

It's a fair question, but one that lacks an easy answer. Be it through goat-cursing or ball snatching, Cubs fans have systematically worked to undermine and weaken their team's chances of winning for going on a century now. This year, the Wrigley faithful found a new way to sabotage their team's Series hopes. They voted for Kosuke Fukudome for the National League All-Star Team.

Seeing as how the Cubs road record stands at 6 games under .500, you'd think the Cubs fans would want to have home field advantage in the World Series. They don't. If they did, they would have tried to elect the best possible team to face the American League next Tuesday night. Instead of voting for any of a number of superior players, however, they made the club killing move of voting for the guy with average stats and a profane last name. The NL All-Star is now dramatically weaker than it would have been, thus reducing the Cubs' opportunity to host Game 7 of the World Series.

If, by some miracle, the Cubs end up losing game 7 in Tampa in October, then the geniuses in blue will have no one blame but themselves for undermining what could have been a joyous season. Nice job, Cubs fans! Some clubs get a winning boost of energy or crowd noise from the home town faithful to put them over the top. The Cubs? They get fan-aided disaster.

Enjoy Fukodome's .287 average and mediocre power on Tuesday night, oh loyal Cubs fan. You'll be hating that hastily punched ballot on Wednesday morning.

FO gives its numbers an overhaul. Read it when you have some time.

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Great Way to Spend the 4th

Or the 3rd, actually (but we didn't get home until the 4th). Despite the general crapulence around the Verizon Music Center, it's impossible to deny that the man can write some amazing music. My wife and I took in Tom Petty and Heartbreakers last night, and in addition to sweet memories of XLII during "Free Falling", we were thoroughly pleased with the entire show. Petty didn't pull any punches, and didn't hammer us with "now let's endure something my new album". It was all his best all night long. I don't think I'll go back to Verizon for a show again because the atmosphere was toxic with all the smoke, and most everyone around us was loaded and baked an hour before the show started, but none of that has anything to do with the quality of the performance (ok, he does have a half dozen songs about weed, so maybe it was Petty's fault). Anyway, the show was great. The encore was electric and fireworks in the distance made it a great way to start the holiday weekend.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Most Important Wins Article is up...Contest Still Open

I have posted our Most Important Wins in Indianapolis Colts' History article. We have two winners in the contest already. Congrats to Josh and Justin who will both be receiving an XLI Program in the mail soon. You can see that the list is complete, but not all the games have full write-ups yet. If you want to win a program, just choose one of those games and do a little research. I would suggest starting with for game box scores. We can still have up to 5 more winners.

If you don't like the games we chose and want to pick another, feel free, but be sure to include why the game you chose is more worthy than one already on the list. Again, submit all entries to along with your address.

Here's a great FO article that (among other things) explains the problems the Colts line had with the Steelers in the 2006 debacle in the dome. I do take exception with the fact that claim is made that the Colts struggled with the Chargers 3-4 in the playoff loss this year. The offense dominated the Chargers D, put up enough points to win on a normal day, and should have had many more except for three tough turnovers which weren't really 'caused' by the Chargers D (unless they are somehow responsible for Kenton Keith's horrible hands). Still, the article is great.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today's open-wheel moment of Zen

Dario Franchitti has learned the hard way that if you don't race for one of the top four NASCAR teams don't bother. I know Dario was essentially taking a cash-grabbing victory lap in NASCAR and isn't a pure traitor like Sam Hornish. Franchitti is 35, married to Ashley Judd and understandably wasn't interested in cheating death for another Indycar season. Still, I'm not sorry to see him fail miserably. I'm just that kind of fan.

It's not that I think open-wheel drivers can't compete in NASCAR. I know they can. I shouldn't need to remind anyone that the best driver on the planet, Tony Stewart, is a former IRL champion. I root against guys like Hornish and Franchitti because they are happily taking a paycheck to finish 38th. Take a look at last week's results. Notice anything? The bottom fifteen is littered with former open-wheelers: Carpentier, Montoya, Franchitti, Hornish, Allmendinger. What would make these former 500 winners and F1 stars be so willing to finish last week after week?

1.) Money

2.) EJ Viso