Saturday, October 20, 2007

More links

Here's another Manning-Unitas piece (Sheesh, John! You are pulling them in from freaking Canada? Nice work).

If you are interested to hear what Tony says about Whitlock, check out our boy Phil B. It seems Big Sexy got his numbers wrong... GASP!

We topped 20,000 hits on our counter since February. Thanks for reading. We can tell everyone is getting anxious for Nov 4, because there have been a ton of comments and emails this week. The storm is gathering, and all the animals of forest are a twitter. Or something like that. I honestly can't imagine a more cataclysmic event than the two Colts Pats games this year. In honor of that, we will be publishing 88 reasons we hate the Patriots. If you care to contribute, email (don't post them in the comments) reasons you hate the Patriots to If they are funny enough or smart enough, but mostly original enough, they'll make the list. Pictures are a plus. I have a feeling we might have enough for two lists, one now, one in January.

We are juiced because the Hoosiers are ESPN! Sorry Comcast, not sure that'll be enough to save you in the long run...

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Anonymous said...

Must read about Patriot/Red Sox fans. Caution -- bad language.