Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The voice of a Vince Young fan

I've been having an interesting interchange with a Houston reporter named Chance who wanted to express why he's a fan of VY. We are usually amenable to allowing divergent viewpoints air time, and as we all always say, 'we don't hate Vince Young.' So without further ado, his comments:

Vince turns journalists into fans. I grew up loving the Longhorns, cheering for them, blah blah. Since Vince left it is like a veil was lifted and I could see UT the way the rest of the world saw it. Smarmy, rich jerk-offs with a dhady football program. I still root for them but not like I did by any stretch. Then the whole Texans/David Carr/Mario Williams FlusterCuck happens and I find myself drifting my allegiance to a team that I hate. S***...I have a CD out with a song called "I Hate The Titans" on it. I worked for The Texans last year. I know the players. I know the coaches. I know the brass. I love them all...they are real cool people. But when VY scored in overtime last year and jumped into the waiting arms of Texans fans in the stands I was happy. And I will be happy when The Titans beat the Texans this weekend. And if Vince is traded to the Raiders I will cheer for them probably although that would be a challenge. I have never been an individual over team guy but after I saw The Texans choke last years ace pick I realized that I would have more enjoyment rooting for an individual than a jacked up team.Phew. All in one breath.

That's cool man. And frankly sort of hilarious. As we said before, the Mario Williams pick was a Peyton Manning induced draft choice. Yet one more way Manning dominates like no other player in the game. Including Vince Young. Thanks for sharing.


Jesse said...

Wait, he's knows Vince plays QB right?

Everyone needs to settle down, and first admit something. He is not a very good QB. He is an effective runner when the pocket breaks down. His actual throwing statistics are, well...embarrasing.

SEE! Doesn't that FEEL better? I think we've had progress.

Anonymous said...

Of course, but everyone knows that a QB's scrambling run for a 10 yard gain is much more fun and exciting than a boring QB throwing a boring pass for only 20 yards.

deshawn zombie said...

LOL. Very nice guys.