Saturday, October 6, 2007

I pulled a hammy just writing this post

I'm going to chose to ignore the dark cloud that is hovering over tomorrow's game due to the fact that at the rate the injuries are mounting, #18 will also be gunning on the punt team. Given the Colts typically cryptic way of handling injuries, I'm going to continue hoping that Marvin and Addai play. And in lieu of that, I'll just hope that Peyton can be even more amazing than normal. All that being said, a non-conference loss before a bye week isn't the worst thing that could happen.

I had some connection problems yesterday, but here's some decent stuff. . .

Len Pasquarelli wonders if the Colts can afford to sign the oft injured Zombie Bob. We've been wondering aloud on this for some time. I can't tell if the Colts will ante up on Bob and Clark or not. I still think at least one of them goes.

CRAPHONSO THORPE IS BACK!!! All right! Now there is some good news. I took his release at the end of camp very hard.

A Tampa writer chimes in on #18.

Perhaps the most interesting thing that could happen if the Colts lose would be to see if Demond shows up for the 18 Plays podcast this week. Usually, when the team loses he sulks for about 6 days. And if we lose before a bye week, I might not hear from him for a fortnight. This could be a problem, since we are supposed to go to Jacksonville together. Draaaaama. . .

Demond Sanders: It's true there are worse losses, but you have to remember this is a home game. Road games in the non-conference (ala last year's loss at Dallas) are the least important games you can play. You have to hold serve at home because we know New England and Pittsburgh will win their home games.

I agree with you that you have to force yourself to be optimistic about who is going to play because on the surface this game looks like an impending disaster. I haven't been worried about this game all week, but it seems the Colts and Dungy are sticking to their "No one's playing except Peyton and possibly Jeff Saturday because someone has to snap the ball" stance. If either Addai or Harrison plays I'll take it. The other scary one is Freddy Keiaho with a concussion.


Ian said...

I'm fine with paying Bob top dollar, letting him play the important 2-3 regular season games and then the entire playoffs. We're almost guaranteed to make the playoffs with Peyton so why not just save Sanders for when we need him.

Demond Sanders said...

No one loves Bob the zombie Sanders more than me, but when you sign the big contract you have to be on the field. The Colts have paid the big bucks to just a handful of guys: Peyton, Marvin, Reggie, and Freeney. Those guys are on the field every game, every down. Let's see how the rest of this season plays out. Demond will have ample oppurtunity to convince us all that he's the Colts' next money man.

Ian said...

I'd rather pay Dallas Clark, if only because I don't think the Patriots can handle him. So if it comes down to Clark v Sanders I'll go with Clark.

But even having the choice between Dallas Clark and Bob Sanders? That's awesome. Our constant free agent losses are a testament to just how good we are in the draft.