Friday, October 26, 2007

Just can't get it done

I finally made it back to Indy today, only to find that leaving my dad in charge of Tivoing the game Monday was fruitless. Anyway, there won't be a podcast this week, it's just too late in the week, and we don't even have a tape of the game. We'll come back this Tuesday with the Panthers game.

As a consolation, here are some more links:
Whitlock is still begging for Jeff George, and more interestingly, insinuates that the ex-QBs are getting sick of the ESPN hype. I've noticed this as well.

John Clayton talks traps.

John D comes through again with a couple of nice reads:
QB skill? Nah, pick 'em on face value.

Not everybody thinks that QBs are the end all and be all.

I also went and posted the Trip to the Hole article on a Jags message board. We'll see how that goes.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing. In one of the linked articles, the writer sniffs around what makes 18 the greatest ever and then fails to see what is right in front of him. He writes that no other QBs seem to be on the level of Brady and Manning because QBs never look good on a bad team.

Except for Peyton, that is a true statement. And it shows why Brady is the most over-rated athlete in sports history.

Manning, unlike any QB in NFL history, mananged to look great despite playing on a bad team. The Colt defenses and special teams from 2003-2006 ranged from bad to horrible. The offensive lines (until last year) couldn't run block to save their lives. Pass pro was generally mediocre.

Peyton held together some really weak teams and damn near had to pull off miracles to get them to playoff levels. When they played really good teams in the playoffs, even Peyton couldn't overcome the weakness all around him.

The extraordinary greatness of 18 is that he has taken average players (Edge after his injury, Tarik Glenn, Jeff Saturday) and lifted them to the Pro Bowl. He's made players like DeMulling, Pollard, Rhodes and Stokely (mush as I like Brandon) look so good that other teams pay way too much to sign them.

He set the TD record in 2004 despite having to play half the season with a rookie 5th rounder and rookie free agent (already cut by another team) protecting him. And his center also missed time with injuries.

Good pass pro is critical to an offense, except for the Colts where decent will win. Running the ball well in short yardage situations is important, except for the Colts who were the worst in the NFL for years and still managed to win. Defense is critical in the NFL, except with the Colts who were really bad for years. Special teams can make a difference, except for the Colts whose offense overcomes all.

The stupid clown had the answer right in front of him and still didn't have a clue.