Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shocker: The Pats have no class

Leading 38-0 with nine minutes to play Tom Brady is still in the football game. He's going deep and winging the ball all over the field. It's fourth and 1 from the five yard line and Brady is motioning that they should go for it. Really? Because you do know that you're up 38 points. . . Across the field Joe Gibbs wears an astonished look on his face. A hilarious mixture of fury and wonder.

Brady QB sneaks for the first down. He then throws a touchdown to Wes Welker to take a 45 point lead. The Patriots finally pull the offensive starters, but they continue to the throw the ball with backup QB Matt Cassel.

I am stunned at what I just saw. Did I imagine this?

UPDATED: Mike Freeman of weighs in on this issue. Interesting stuff. I love how the Pats act so confused about what the proper conduct is in this situation:

When asked about the two fourth-down plays specifically, Belichick said: "What do you want us to do, kick a field goal?"

Well, yeah. When did that become a crime against humanity?

"It's 38-0," he added. "It's fourth down. (We're) just out there playing. (We're) just out there playing."


Dan said...

But, Jason Campbell could lead the Skins back from 38 points down to win the game with 9 minutes to go. I mean, it is obvious that he had the chops to do that the way he played today.

I really don't care if the Pats do that stuff - it doesn't matter - there is no BCS system in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Bill wants to be the new Raiders. Everyone hated them, they loved it and worked at it. Even their fans loved their bad boy, dirty play image.

The Pats and their fans are getting there fast.

rich said...

From the "damned if he does and damned if he doesn't category." Going for it on 4th and 1 on the 7 yard line is not that big of a deal actually. Would you be any less distraught if Gostowski came in and make it 41-0? No, probably not. What's debatable is Brady dropping back to throw for the TD.. that's all. But again, if #12 handed off to Heath Evans who may or may not have bull dozed his way to 6, would that have been ok?

At the end of the day, Gibbs should be in awe and utterly embarrassed by what this offense did to his top ranked defense. And Peyton and Dungy will know exactly how he feels 7 days from now.


GAColtsfan said...

Wasn't it convenient that the Redskins lost comunication between the field and the coaches in the booth during the first half? Does Goodell even care? He did suspend a qb coach for using HGH two years ago!

Demond Sanders said...

Rich: Your comment doesn't make sense.

Going for it there was bush league. He isn't damned if he doesn't go for it. That's the whole point.

rich said...

Demond - what i mean is the haters and cynics will criticize Belichick whether he brought in the FG unit to go up 41-0 or whether he calls a QB sneak at that junction of the game.

Where you may have a point is with the pass. I would argue that passing the ball to Welker after Faulk just ran for 8 yards to the 2-yard line is plain silly coaching. They should of kept it on the ground and ate of more clock to send the fifth ranked defense to the showers more quickly.


Demond Sanders said...

Either way, at least we'll never again have to hear New England fans whine about Peyton Manning's meaningless stats and records.

Joseph said...

I hope Tom Brady breaks his damn arm doing that stupid shit.

colts girl said...

Here's that link again (sorry if it's not very "linky"--you may have to copy and paste into your browser) to the Good Vs. Evil article. I think this no-class, jackbag win more than solidifies this argument.

I am proud to be on the side of Good. Down with the Dark Side.

Ian said...

It's interesting that as much as I hear talk about Brady and Belichick being "old-time throwback guys" this is the type of thing that would get a quarterback murdered in the old days.

In better news, did anyone else see this link from the Hashmarks blog?

HeatherRadish said...

They and their fans don't care if they have no class. They'd rather have a fourth SB ring than integrity. You can't get Hollywood chicks into bed by showing them your integrity...

I'm hoping Easterbrook's "football gods" actually exist and are working up a good smiting, but I don't expect it.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when Andre Ware and the Univ of Houston were putting up 95 pts on an SMU team coming off the death penalty. And 77 on Eastern Washington.

I think if I were the opposing coach of a team with far less talent and the star QB had thrown for 10 TDs and came back out to lead another drive, I'd call TO and send my captain over to the other coach with a simple message -- get him out or we send 11 defenders on the blitz without worrying about getting flagged for late hits. He can get that last TD if he wants it that bad.