Sunday, October 28, 2007

Panthers Game Thoughts

1.) Dominating start by the Panthers. The rest factor is showing up early. The Panthers stick to runs and short passes. Carolina takes an amazing 11 minutes and 18 plays to finally score the touchdown.

2.) Nice return by Rushing. The Colts need to get something on this drive. Clark drops a makeable catch. Huge third down. Another incomplete to Clark.

3.) HUGE TURNOVER. Carolina unwisely fields a bouncing punt. The returner never has it and he is hit by about four Colts players. Colts recover at the Panthers' 20 yard line.

4.) The Colts get it down to the two yard line and can't punch it in. I hate the play call to throw from the two yard line. Reggie Wayne is double covered and runs out of room in the back of the end zone. I would have like to seen them run it two more times (including fourth down). Huge stop for the Panthers.

5.) Third and 12 for the Panthers, after two nice run stuffs. The Colts don't fall for the screen play at all. BIG TIME STOP.

6.) Three and out for the Colts. They look horrible on offense, thus far. Harrison's absence is noticeable. Dallas Clark has seen double coverage, and Peyton may not be comfortable throwing to Gonzalez.

7.) The Panthers offense stalls out after two incompletions from Testaverde. Bethea had a chance to pick both throws. Nice plays. CB Tim Jennings has not played well.

8.) Random, back-breaking fumble by Utecht.

9.) HUGE INTERCEPTION BY BETHEA. It was 3rd and 4 from the 10 and Testaverde made a horrible decision.

10.) Three and out for the Colts, backed up inside their own five. Peyton Manning is having one of his worst days in recent memory. He hasn't had time to throw thanks to the struggles of Charlie Johnson at Left Tackle.

11.) Colts get the ball back. The ensuing drive sees the Colts get some semblance of a rhythm going on offense, despite crucial drops by both Keith and Addai. Reggie Wayne catches a ball tipped up in the air, intended for Aaron Moorehead. A play later, a 32 yard pass to Wayne sets up first and goal. TOUCHDOWN JOSEPH ADDAI.

12.) Amazingly, the Colts are leading at the half. Hats off to the defense. They don't always start hot, but they have an uncanny knack of getting better as the game goes on. Manning is a very shaky 5 for 14 for 88 yards. It looks like he is playing in Foxboro in January. He has no time to throw. Everyone is dropping passes, not to mention the random fumbles. Colts lead 10 - 7.

13.) Opening kickoff of the half is out of bounds. Colts start at the 40 yard line. First play a 28 yard catch by Wayne. Big thid down. Manning catches Carolina with 12 men on the field. Doesn't matter as he hits Clark for the completion. First and Goal. A neatly designed dump off to Addai gives the Blue a 10 point lead.

14.) David Carr enters the game for Carolina. Remember all the halftime adjustments? Throw them out the window. BIG HIT BY MARLIN JACKSON. A catch and a fumble by the TE King, but a whistle stops the play. Dungy is livid. They won't let him challenge the call on the field. Carolina Punts after a three and out.

15.) Random, back-breaking fumble by Kenton Keith. Colts challenge that he never had possession. Call is reversed, setting up a 3rd and 8. Tipped away from Wayne by LB Jon Beason. That's the third great pass breakup by Carolina. Also, the Colts receivers have many drops.

16.) AWESOME. All the negativity of the day washes away in a single flick of Manning's wrist. Reggie Wayne catches a 59 yard bullet from Manning to put the Colt up 24-7. Great footwork from Peyton in the pocket.

17.) Manning gets thrown ruthlessly to the ground by Jenkins. Roughing the passer. Peyton takes a timeout and gets smelling salts on the sideline. Scary moment.

18.) This will forever known as "that one drive when Peyton had a concussion." Joseph Addai scampers into the end zone from 12 yards out on 3rd down. Colts take an insurmountable 31 - 7 lead.


John said...

Concussion? What happened?

(I got home just in time to see the tail end of Sorgi's first drive.)

Jacob Burch said...

Lift+Slam after peyton got rid of the ball--not sure if it was an actual concussion, but it sure did knock him up--took a TO, smelt some salts, went back to his normal manning self.

dungy earlier in this weekL
ugoh should play
harrison should play
addai/keith will split carries


Anonymous said...

We didn't have the game in our area. Was it Manning playing poorly or the lack of pass pro and drops?

Demond Sanders said...

Manning played well considering they were missing two key starters on offense. The running backs dropped several passes. Carolina tipped away three or four passes. The shaky pass protection accounted for the other incompletions.