Monday, October 1, 2007

Waiting and waiting

All day, I've been hoping I'd find something decent to talk about, but now I'm convinced that the media finds the Colts boring. Other than a terrific article (seriously, read this one, it's funny) by Gregg Doyle, there was precious little mention of the Colts around the web today. I don't blame anyone actually, our Eyes in the Backfield on Friday virtually predicted this game exactly. It was sort of a no brainer. I did really like Doyle and Clayton emphasizing how great #18 was in this game, because he really did dominate it. So far, I've seen nothing this season to persuade me that the NFL is anything other than a two team league.

A late addition: Manning led the league in DPAR this week. What's DPAR? Check it out.

Demond Sanders: It's just a lot easier for the media to get excited about teams like the Cowboys and Packers. Both have huge fan bases, and neither has been good for several years. The NFL is loving every minute of it. The Colts on the other hand are pretty much the same team they've been for several years.

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