Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm out of it for a little while...

anyone care to finish one of my favorite quotes? Anyway, this is a quick to post to say that as we travel down to Florida, and subsequently enjoy some family time before the showdown in J-holeville, I won't be posting much (maybe just ONCE a day!). Anyway, I'll leave you with this semi-bizarre article that 18to88 reader John came up with. It's from the Boston Globe, so remember that as you puke your way through the Brady passages. This is an example of why everyone hates the Patriots. New Englanders can make a compliment sound like a slap in the face.

By the way, the rest of that quote refers to the NE Pats who sealed the deal as the 2004 Colts with their shootout at Dallas today. It's hilarious how a team with no run game and no ability to stop the run is supposed to win in January in the cold. Geeze, maybe they should lose on Nov 4 on purpose. They don't have a cold weather team, and it'll be hi-freaking-larious when it comes crashing down. I can't wait.

Phil B. also has a great quote from Dungy on his blog about the timeout before a FG thing. Very good reasoning, Tony. I really wish that Bill Cowher had tried this tactic against Vandy. siiiiiigh

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