Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sick of the Comcast ads

I gotta tell you, I don't really care who wins the pissing match between the Big 10 network and Comcast, but Comcast's latest commercials are driving me nuts. Stop telling me how many games you are showing 'for free'. First off, they aren't free if I pay for cable. Secondly, it's demeaning to say, "you don't really need those IU games, because we are playing all the NFL Playoffs!". I'm not saying that they should cave to the Big 10, I'm just saying they shouldn't treat us like idiots. They accuse the Big 10 Network of being misleading, but so are they. Those commercials make it sound like they are doing us a favor by playing so many games, and how dare anyone not be grateful to them for serving us so faithfully. Plus, the voice of the guy doing the commercials is condescending. I hate being talked down to, and really hope Comcast takes it in the shorts with people switching to DirectTV, for no other reason than they are annoying.

Demond Sanders: This has been bothering me for months. Of course, they are pulling this stunt right in the middle of the only Hoosier football season worth watching in 20 years. They have until the start of the basketball season to get it settled or I'm switching to DirectTV. I already have one good reason to switch: NFL Sunday Ticket. If they give me two good reasons it's over.

I hate Comcast's moronic commercials, too. Listen to how they word it, "We already show the best of these games." They are referring to the best of college football in general, but in context they make it sound like the B10 Network is re-airing games Comcast already shows. Jerks.


Jesse said...

I've been meaning to call them or write them for WEEKS. I turn the channel every time I hear that smarmy, completely clueless guy talking about how the big ten is evil.

NEWS FLASH - We are in Indiana. The big 10 network is on almost every other (relevant) network (dish network, DirectTV). Don't patronize me and tell me there are hundreds of great big 10 games on. Those games are on NATIONAL TV, and I don't even need your crappy, expensive cable to see them- not sure if you want to be marketing like that.

Comcast- quit being money hungry elitest jerks and put IU and Purdue. We don't care about anything else.

Anonymous said...

I have TV issues as well, but my biggest complaint(s) are with the internet service. There are adds and pop ups EVERYWHERE. Even when I go to MY inbox, they are trying to sell stuff. It slows down the connection hugely when loading these frames. You also can't watch the video news items without getting a pop up add between every other one and the aren't just siemple adds, they are leading the pack in annoying. I don't think we should be subject to that kind of commercial bombardment considering the amount of money we pay to have this service. Sheesh, Yahoo, free email service has less adds than ,pay for use, comcast. Issue two: Comcast forums-once again, I pay for all comcast services so calling someone an asshole on comcast forums, should be my right, without cencorship or intervention. I now cannot get on comcast forums for something like ten years. They give you the minutes you are cut off. Ten years worth of minutes. And to top it off, the guy I called an asshole (I spelled it azzhole so it didn't really happen) insulted 10 people in his post that I was refering to, and no one tattled on him so he's still being a dick on the forum. If there are any lawyers out there that can see in this a breach of contract or any other basis for suit, I'm in! Contact me at I'm in Chicago but will post this complaint everywhere until I get either an attorney to respond, or enough people behind my to hire one for class action. This is day one. A day Comcast should start to live in fear.