Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cruelest month AKA Hell Tour 2007

The Colts were in great shape heading into the bye. However, after being forced to watch blow-outs by New England and Jacksonville it is easy to get the feeling that the AFC elite has gained ground on the Colts in a matter of hours.

We'll soon know where Indy stands in the conference. The next four weeks will help decide the Colts' playoff seeding.

@ Jacksonville (4-1)
@ Carolina (4-2)
New England (6-0)
@ San Diego (3-3)

That's correct. The Colts play three out of four on the road against teams who combine for a 17-6 record. The weak link, San Diego, is suddenly a team on a mission, led by the league's MVP. 5-0 could quickly turn into 6-3 if the Colts don't bring it next week in Jacksonville.

Finally, does anyone think it is a little strange that the Colts follow up a Monday night road game with ANOTHER road game against a team who is coming off a bye week? INSANE. I'm usually not a "They're out to get us" guy, but I'm with Bill Polian on this one. The Schedule Makers are nuts.

Deshawn Zombie Comments: The Colts have exactly ONE team left on their schedule with a losing record. Welcome to the N F freakin L. Every week is tough. Come January, this team will be well tested and ready to play. It's all going to be ok. . .

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