Friday, October 5, 2007

Super Star

There's some really great stuff in the Indy Star today:

Manning talking about his favorite scores. I remember each one of those. Great plays all.
Kravitz 'crowning' the Pats. You know, I have to admit, his work has been better for about 3 months now. Granted, I'm only reading his Colts stuff, but his work on the Video Insider is ok too.
A great central piece about Manning's early scores. He's gunning for Johnny U.

Good reads all from the first place I go each morning.

A couple of our regular national guys had decent stuff too:
Simmons was hilarious today. Ok, so he starts acting like the creepy janitor at the day care whenever the Pats come up, we get that. But his line about the Ravens and Rams was worth the price of admission:
"Too bad the Ravens defense can't take on the Rams offense this season. It would be like watching Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone getting it on in "Basic Instinct 3."
That's funny. Creepy. But funny.

Whitlock had a fascinating point also. He says the Colts are 'weaker' than the Pats and Cowboys in terms of the regular season, but that he sees their style of play as conducive to a great playoff run. It's sort of muddled logic, but hey what do you expect from the last known Jeff George defender. He's basically speaking to the 'wear down' factor that you get with the Colts. I think his logic is that with a bye or some rest, smaller guys like Zombie Bob and Freeney can go all out and thus be more effective. It certainly happened last year, but I'm not sure it'll be so relevant this time.

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