Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More good stuff from readers

Alert 18to88 reader Stan writes:

don't know if you saw this last month.

"If Leinart slips, he'll have running back Edgerrin James in at least one ofhis ears.James played seven years in Indianapolis with Peyton Manning, who is maniacal in his preparation, and James isn't shy about sharing stories of Manning's work ethic with Leinart."I want to ride all the way to the top with him," James said. "I won't let him breathe or give him a chance to slack off. I'll be in his ear constantly, regardless of how he takes it. I really don't care how somebody takes something."This is what we got to have. I've been around the best quarterback in the game, and if you want to be the best you have to do what the best do. And there's only one person on this team who knows what the best quarterback has been doing. I was there for seven years and I know everything, and Matt's going to know everything."

Stan was also responsible for the Minnesota article and these great quotes from the Bucs about #18. Thanks man. Very nice work.
Wow, that's awesome. Just one more reason everyone around Indy will always love and feel good about the Edge. I really appreciate all you sending in cool articles from around the country. Keep it up! We've gotten some good stuff from everywhere this week!

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