Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just one today

I'm in the middle of a crazy day, so I really only have time to throw up one link. FO's Scramble for the Ball relives the greatest coaching meltdowns in history. Included is the text of Jim Mora's legendary rant. Can you believe that with him as coach, people blamed MANNING for the playoff losses...years later and I'm still fuming over the end of the Miami game. People KILL Schottenheimer, but at least he won a playoff game in his life. . .

Also for those who are interested, check out the Stampede Blue podcast from last night. The guest was yours truly. . . Click the link and then select last night's episode from the drop down menu on the top right. If you check out the Stampede Blue website, scroll down and check out the hilarious Joe Addai montage.

Demond Sanders: I love that Football Outsiders lists the Tampa game as a best bet. That makes no sense. The Colts have beat their last two home opponents by an average of 24.5 points and are entering with a 12 game Dome winning streak. I wouldn't take the measly ten points if I were you. Remember that Tampa Bay has played the first and second worst scoring offenses during their three game winning streak. I respect Jeff Garcia and actually thought he played well in the Dome last year with Philly. But I wouldn't feel great about entering the game with an inexperienced Left Tackle. Dwight Freeney feels great about it, though.

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