Thursday, November 22, 2007

Let me explain (one more time)

Buried in the comments this week was the bizarre rant of a Pats fan who clearly hasn't been paying attention.

Mossi says: you people live in a bizzaro land. it's awesome. quick - what's more pathetic than a pats fan reading a colts blog? hmm, lemme think...ah i got it, whining about the pats on every monday morning post and then spending the rest of the week commenting about one of the greatest NFL teams in history. keep it up peeps, it's great entertainment!take this to bed with ya - Brady won three superbowls with exactly ONE WR who had over 1,000 yards. ONE. talk about lack of firepower but still found a way to get it done.thank god for your sake peyton had marvin and wayne last year.. oh and the fact the competition was a high school JV football. phew..

Ok Mossi, let's take this piece by piece.

1. Whining about the Pats this year - I pretty clearly said in that same post that I wasn't going to comment on this year's Pats. There just no point until in January.

2. Brady won Super Bowls with 1 WR. and

3. Did he really call the 2006 Pats a JV team?

Let's examine the thinking behind #2, because Pats fans have been talking a lot about it.

1. WR is faaaaaaar from the most important position on a football team. Brady tagged along on three teams with amazing defenses. He didn't 'get it done' despite a lack of firepower. He managed the games so his freaking amazing D and kicker could win the games. These are his point totals in the playoff games he won: 16, 20, 17, 24, 32, 20, 34, 24. In four of his seven wins, the Pats didn't even score 3 TDs. He didn't get it done with a lack of firepower, his defense did. He did have a huge game against Pittsburgh in the championship game in 2005, so that's to his credit, but most of his playoff point totals were modest at best. That's not a criticism. He did just enough to win given the defense he had. Just don't act like he pulled of some herculean task by single handedly willing the Pats to victory. He managed games effectively and let his D take over. You don't NEED WRs to win that kind of game.

2. HE DIDN'T NEED WRs BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T HAVE A PASSING OFFENSE, MORON. Their offense was constructed in an entirely different way than the Colts offense is. It's apples to oranges. Because of the great defense, the Pats had constructed an offense built around short routes and ball control. The Colts offense tries to spread the field and stretch the defense vertically. In this style of offense, having speedy receivers is much more critical to the team's success.

3. In addition, the injuries to the receiving corp ISN'T THE PROBLEM WITH THE COLTS. Injuries to the line are. I know the media keeps focusing on Harrision being out, but the truth is the loss of both the right and left tackle are much much bigger problems. We've beaten this death, but you obviously aren't paying attention.

4. No one felt bad for Brady not having WRs last year because it was the PATS OWN DAMN FAULT THEY TRADED BRANCH. Look, if you don't have WRs because they got hurt it's bad luck, but if you trade away your best wideout, you don't get to bitch and whine about not having wideouts. The Pats brass decided that WRs weren't important (see points number 1 and 2), and therefore didn't have them. If Branch had blown out his knee, you'd have a case. Just because your team was arrogant and stupid and cost themselves a title by trading him him is no reason for anyone else to pity poor Tommy Boy.

5. If the Colts had started the year with these wideouts, they'd be playing much better. There's a big difference between starting the year with bad WRs and having them thrust on your offense mid season. Moorehead was fourth on the depth chart and moved up to two. Thorpe didn't even make the team. These guys haven't had the benefit of major reps with the starting offense, thus the Colts can't run the no huddle, change plays offense they need to. Manning can't trust them to get the plays and adjust the way they are supposed to. They are trying to run a deep down-field timing offense not a west coast dink and dunk offense the way the Pats did for most of this decade.

In short, Mossi. Your comment was ignorant not only of the Colts situation, but of your own team's makeup and philosophy. That's really weak man. If you don't understand the Colts, fine. They aren't your team. But if you can't understand your own club, that's just embarrassing.

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Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy. Last year, they say the Colts can't win with that defense, because defense wins championships. Now, with Brady having ridiculously stellar receivers, they say this proves he is the best, while commenting on how he won three rings without such great weapons (um, except Branch).

They were right before. Defense won championships, and Brady didn't blow the deal, to his credit.

Two facts. First, the Patriots defense has clearly been superior to the Colts the past several years, hence the rings. See, we can admit when they were better at something.

Second, Peyton is far better a QB than Brady, though Brady is good. At the end of their carreers, the stats will make this obvious. They simply won't admit this.

Defense wins championships. Patriots have three, Colts have one so far. Watch out, NFL, here we come.

-- Coltsfanawalt