Friday, November 30, 2007

More Trash

I try not to perpetuate trash by reprinting it, but I thought you'd get a kick out of Ask Vic's latest editorial.

Someone needs to tell Vic that the Colts are 9-2 despite injuries on all sides of the ball and if I remember correctly they still managed to kick his team's teeth in the last time they played. He thinks all the pressure is on the Colts. I'd say all the pressure is on the pathetic writer who proves on a weekly basis that he knows nothing about football and is working for a forgotten team that is suffering blackouts despite having a winning record. I'd say all the pressure is on Vic to find affordable housing in the greater Los Angeles area.

UPDATE: This is from the venerable Phil B. Wilson's blog:

Asked about the importance of Sunday's Colts-Jags game, Jags coach Jack Del Rio said something about how both the Colts and his team are 3-3 in their last six divisional games. Pause. Double pause. He said what? I'm guessing Del Rio is trying to suggest his Jags are just as good as the Colts. OK, maybe so, but the stat is as silly as it gets. Fact is, the Colts are 3-0 in the AFC South this year and the Jags are 2-2.

Okay, so I guess we know where Vic gets his brilliant information. Next we will be hearing that Del Rio is teaching a Statistics class in the evenings at Jacksonville State. Someone needs to remind JDR that the Colts are about to sweep the division.


Bob M. said...

Holy Crap! That "article" is an utter abomination! It's not only a-hole Pats fans who bring up the Pats every time someone says the words "Colts." How the hell long did it take him to work Brady and the Pats into this article about, ostensibly, the Jags...? I guess Pats fans now get a huge amount of slack from me in the future--it's not just them, it's just stupidity. (which reminds me of a joke we can all use talking about all things Jacksonville, Houston too for that matter: "It's not the heat that gets you when you're down there, it's the stupidity.")

I love his cherry-picked data as well: "They're 3-3 in their last 6division games, what does that say?" Well, it says a year ago they were 0-3 and won the SB... what the hell, if anything, does THAT say? I have no idea. And they're 3-0 on the road against those same foes this year. To me it implies the Colts have improved. Maybe to Vic it means we'll win THREE SBs this season... because I sure as heck don't know what's going on inside his head. If anything.

Damn, that man is as big an idiot as you have been saying. And now... I need a shower.

DZ said...

I've stopped reading him. Seriously. Vic is dead to me

zac said...

chipbennett said...

Thanks for the Friday lunch-break laugh! Vic is a bona fide moron.

200 yards rushing? Against the 2007 Colts? Good luck with that.

Double-team Reggie and selectively blitz Manning? With Clark and Gonzo back in the lineup, good luck with that one, too.

And I love the two references to NoiseGate. I guess Ketchup just doesn't have anything legitimate to complain about.

He got one thing right, though: the Colts need to keep the Jags from converting third downs. I thought they let the Jags stay on the field for too long early in the previous game.

Demond Sanders said...

You're correct, Vic. The Jags aren't facing another lost season at the hands of the Patriots. They are facing another lost season at the hand of the Colts, moron.

Bob M. said...

Chip, agreed on all points. (esp the 3rd downs thing, but I suspect that with their "desperation" and decent run game, they will try to convert a few 4th and shorts as well. Especially if they fall behind. So to raise the bar a bit for the boys in blue, we have to stop them short of anything less than 4th and 2.)

Anonymous said...

No surprise that Vic is fact challenged or that he reveals (again) that he really hates the Colts. I am surprised, however, that he would offer such ridiculous arguments, however. Even biased jerks should have a sense of logic.

"another lost season at the hands of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots." The Pats are 2-1 vs. Colts in the playoffs. That one game advantage sure looms large for Vic, especially since the Colts won last year.

"They are 3-3 in their last six division games. They’ve lost to each of their three division counterparts during that time. What does that say?" It says that they won the Super Bowl despite the 3 losses. This year, the Colts won on the road vs. all 3. Since he has to know that this is a dumbass argument, why would he make it?

"Ignore the stats? Yeah, I usually do that but for all the years Brady was winning Super Bowls the Manning people said look at the stats, so what was good then has to be good now, right?" No, it was always the Brady people who talked about stats and in a dismissive way. This is a great example of a straw man. The Manning people always talked about the superior skills, superior game managment, and doing far more to carry his team which consisted of inferior talent.

"For the Colts, it’s about proving they still own control of the AFC South. The numbers say their control is withering." What numbers? The undefeated record this year?! on the road!


Ron said...

Could I axe vic what the spotty little twaties record was closing out last season, what's that tell you?? hmmmm

Big D said...

That article makes me want to punch the living crap out of that "writer." I am almost livid.

colts girl said...

Yep, the guy is a jackbag. And a moron. What a terrible combination. He must be the embodiment of shmuckliness.