Friday, November 2, 2007

This just in...Danny Granger is good

Two and oh for the Blue and Gold! Another sweet win at home is exactly what this team needed to help reenergize its fan base. Danny Granger is playing incredibly well off the bat, and a second straight win over the kind of Eastern Conference club they have to beat is where it's at. The Heat might not have D-Wade healthy, but that's all the more reason to get them now. I really want to see this team get off to a good start to give us something to care about come late February. Watching the Colts let free agents walk really isn't my idea of a fun spring.

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Jacob Burch said...

i do think the colts can find a way to get sanders and 44 locked up somehow, someway. please. please.

and come on now, (as much as i love them), this isn't 45 to 31.

has anyone heard anything about the other three questionables (outside of the blog's latter namesake) in ugoh and both hagler and keiaho?