Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No Podcast, but we still have 18 Plays

The holidays and other factors have conspired against Demond and I getting together to record 18 Plays this week. If anyone is curious, here are the 18 Plays that we had selected:

Kansas City

Q1 1:38 4th and 16 AV yanks the kick. How freaked out were we all when this went down?

Q2 11:02 1st and 10 Manning pick. Another tipped pass. The lack of protection/deep routes had KC abandon the rush and just sit at the line tipping passes.

4:04 3rd and 5 Mathis Sack and fumble. A huge play by a guy we NEED to make huge plays

Q3 8:09 1st 10 Addai for 17 to the 3 sets up TD. How great was he? The line was a mess, but Kid Joe delivered anyway.

1:29 3rd and 7 Croyle for TD. I'm still not sure how transferring the ball from your hands to your knees constitutes control.

Q4 14:53 1st and 10 MJax blows up Holmes. He hits almost as hard as the Zombie,

8:18 2nd 15 Brock sack. This killed the final KC drive. Brock gets better every week. He's at the top of his game.

4:59 2nd 17 Manning to Wayne for 19. Just when you thought the drive was dead.

2:00 4th and 1 Manning sneak. I didn't think this was all that controversial. There was a good chance the Colts would get the ball in scoring position anyway.

Atlanta Game

Q1 3:34 3rd and 2 58 yard TD to White.
Rice was offsides. Hughes is a rookie. Rice is not. Now he's not a Colt.

:10 1st and 10 Manning to Gonzo for 35. The Microwave was huge all game long.

Q2 14:48 2nd and 23 Manning to Wayne TD

KO Norwood to the 44 plus 15 yards. This gives Falcons a FG. Hey there's the special teams we all know and love!

9:29 4th and 1 Colts punt, running into kicker. The penalty gives them a first down. I thought this call was gutless, and wanted the team to go for it. It worked out, but that doesn't mean it was right.

7:31 3rd and 8 Manning to Gonzo for 12. Wow, throws to a guy a who can catch on 3rd down? No wonder we won.

4:33 3rd and 5 Bethea KILLS Robinson. Just a massive hit. This play signaled the beginning of the end for the Falcons

4:07 1st and 10 Manning to Gonzo for 32. Manning jumps right down their throats and rips out their still beating hearts.

Q3 8:56 3rd and 10 Brock sacks Harrington. Again, pressure up the middle from the tackles makes the Indy impossible to beat. As long as Brock plays like this, we'll be ok the rest of the year.

Sorry we couldn't provide the usual depth of analysis that comes from rewatching the tape a ton of times, but it just wasn't possible. We'll shake ourselves and pull it together for this week.

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zac said...

I will call play #6, the jackson hit on holmes, the End of an Era hit since Priest retired the next week.