Monday, November 5, 2007

Let me be very clear. . .

about the 'noise' issue at the RCA Dome. I don't believe the Colts pipe in noise. I don't believe the CBS tape is proof of anything other than audio difficulties at CBS (and seriously folks, do you really think they only run one 'track'? That's why Nantz's audio could be ok and the crowd noise distorted). Apparently, Colin Cowherd said they cross checked it with the radio audio from both the Colts and the Pats and the radio broadcasts didn't have the same distortion.

BUT. . . If the Colts did pump in crowd noise it would be cheating. It would merit the loss of a first round draft pick (or in this case a second and a third, since the Colts don't have a first). It would be an egregious crime against the game. Bill Polian should resign and no longer be considered by anyone for the Hall of Fame. Tony Dungy should resign if he actually had anything to do with it (which I doubt very seriously he would even be in a position to know about it). He should also not be considered for the hall.

And you know what Pats fans. . . I'd be ok with all that. Cheating is wrong. There is no place for it. Consequences should be swift and harsh. If it's proven to the same degree of certainty that Belichick's crimes were PROVEN and admitted by him, then this should be the punishment. No question.

I don't think they did anything, and I'll be shocked if anything comes of this, but I hope for a full investigation. I will be FURIOUS at the team if something is proven. Look, I'm a baseball fan, so I understand 'gamesmanship'. Stealing signs (non electronically) is legal in baseball. Doing things like painting the visitor's locker room pink to get an edge are fine. Violating SPECIFIC LEAGUE DIRECTIVES is wrong. We slammed Belichick for it (though not as hard as our readers wanted), and we tease the Pats fans about being cheaters. If it turns out that our team really did do these things, we will be rightly irate. The rules are their for a reason and ought to be followed.

No hypocrisy here, Pats fans. We won't defend a moral degenerate just because he wears our colors. There is simply no place in the game for cheating. I still can't figure out why the Pats defend their slug of a coach.

UPDATE: The Colts have been cleared. It was all CBS. Sorry folks. Try again.

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You don't have to post this on the main board or anything, but here it is:,0,7199775.story

That ought to clear it up.