Friday, November 2, 2007

88 hurtin'

It sucks that Marvin is so banged up. It's chilling to think this might be the beginning of the end for him. I hope he plays on Sunday and throws up some sick game just as a giant screw you to the universe. This is a different team when he's healthy, which is scary because they've steam rolled three straight solid defenses without him. His greatness has a been a joy to watch for a long time now, and if this is the harbinger of the end for him, we won't ever forget his greatness. Go back and read 88 reasons to love Marvin Harrison one more time. For old time sakes if nothing else.

Demond Sanders: The good news is that the Colts are firmly denying this rumor. Unlike the Patriots, you can usually count on the Colts not to lie to the public. I don't think this is the end for Marvin. I believe he's right in the middle of a stretch that twenty years from now we'll refer to as The Super Bowl Years. People can attribute this lingering problem to old age, but the truth is it was a fluke injury. Addai ran into him. Look at Andre Johnson with Houston. He's missed half a season with a knee injury. Age has little to do with it.

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