Friday, November 30, 2007

Blood pressure rising

Jags week came at the right time. I've been in a little funk for the last couple of weeks thanks to all the injuries and the inevitability of what's to come this season. The thrill was gone until January, but thankfully the Jags are coming to town.

I can't wait for this game.

I have the sneaky suspicion that the kitties are going to get their heads handed to them on Sunday, and I couldn't be happier about it. Jack Del Rio's comments about the Colts couldn't have been more ill timed. I think the roof is going to come off the dome Sunday from 56,000 people determined to make sure Vic suffers permanent hearing loss.

I haven't been more excited for a game in a looooong time. I'm not sure what we have to avenge exactly, but it feels like a reckoning is due. The Jags like to whine and preen, but they have yet to prove the they belong with the big dogs. The best part is that even if they win, they are still only in second place in the division. The Colts only have to go 4-1 to win the South and probably to clinch the 2 seed. I think we go 5-0.

The reason for my confidence? It finally looks like Tony Ugoh is ready to go.

(Cue the Hallelujah chorus)

This fact has been lost on Bill Simmons who concocts a scenario that is impossible. He somehow has the Colts losing the South and hosting the Browns during WC weekend. Um, Bill, this isn't 1988. That scenario isn't possible. WC teams don't host other WC teams. But whatever, we know you've stopped paying any real attention to sports about 18 months ago.

John Clayton says the worst is over for the Horse.

In other news, Tommy Boy is up for a big award. Be sure to vote for him. Thanks Dave, for the link.

Eyes in the Backfield should be up later tonight.

Demond Sanders: Bill Simmons has a loud mouth, and the fact that he's usually wrong only compounds the problem. His career record picking against the spread is awful. He can write about the NBA all he wants, but he has no business writing about the NFL. It was sweet to see him and his team in ruins last January, but this year it is going to be legendary.


colts girl said...

I was actually singing the Hallelujah Chorus (not very well, mind you) before I read the cue.

I'm voting for Tom. He's a way prettier broad than the rest of that list. That's history in the making.

zac said...

I know this is a football blog, but I have to make this comment.

The only thing worse than Bill Simmons writing about football is Bill Simmons writing about baseball. I literally cannot remember the last time he was right about anything in the sport, including his own team winning the World Series.

He quit on them after the Indians went up 3-1 in a ALCS...writing their obituary like a true fan.

The guy is such a joke. We have to get these guys this year so we can read the inevitable mea culpa in January.

DZ said...

Hey, this is a sports blog, not just a football one. And yes, Simmons is out to lunch. About just about everything.

JC said...

Hey DZ you bitter clown:

Don't hate on Simmons because he actually gets read.

And happens to be from an area with a market large enough to field professional franchises in all four major sports, not just some hack football team that you stole from Maryland and the Pacers.

The last three times the Colts beat us, objective fans like myself knew it was coming.

We simply didn't have the personnel to cover 88, 87, that bitch Stokely and The Moustache.

This is different. We're better, deeper, and for once in 4 years, healthy (Colvin isn't anywhere near as big as people make it out to be).

Oh yea....and we'll get you at home in January.

I can't wait to see Tony Dungy's ashy moustache quiver in his postgame press conference as he thanks God for the opportunity to lose again.

Can't wait.

Bob M. said...

Ah JC, you speak well, my sad friend, with all the protection afforded by the anonymity of the Internet.

I'll say this, though: you do prove the contention that public school can teach apes to read and type neatly. But we all stand on the shoulders of giants and your Auntie Koko would be proud.

You might want to check on Stokley, however, because I am pretty sure he did not play against the Pats in either game last year. Type your query in slowly and avoid the drool on the keyboard.

As for Simmons, he's a joke, but that's the point. He took his schtick as a home-town fan to a national level and it does not work, which is sad. I assume Bostonians love him and find him enormously insightful and funny, while the rest of the country would rather endure root canal. He's a horrible game picker. Nose-picker, maybe he's hall of fame material. Like our friend JC.

The ONE contribution Simmons has made to the well-being of our species was his 2003 playoffs article about the Tenn/NE ice bowl divisional game and Steve McNair taking horse tranquilizers to make it through the game. It took the "Steve McNair's playing banged-up this season" cliche to its absurdist extreme. One reason I loved it was because SM always got a ton of bogus credit for being tough, when maybe "accident prone to a point that he's hurting his team" might have been more accurate, even in his shared MVP year. (Yes, I am bitter about the shared thing.)

JC said...

Without googling it, I'll say McNair had runs of 10, 15 and 15 yards in that game.

His knee/ankle/foot/toe/neck injury looked OK that day.

As far as Simmons, I don't really read him. He's kind of annoying actually, constantly pressing for funny metaphors and analogies that just don't do it for a national audience, especially people from Indiana.

As far as anonymity, JC = Jeremy Cohen, Providence RI. 401-524-1674

Feel free to hit me on the hip if you have something to say, other than the outrageously gay comment about Aunt Koko??? Who the fuck is that?

It wasn't Stokely then, it was that other tight end (utecht?) that made two or three circus catches to keep drives alive in the Conf Championship.

And yea I went to public school, Classical High. Google it hero.

DZ said...

Bitter clowns are my favorite kind of clowns! It actually pains me to rip Simmons. I've always loved his stuff. He's one of my favorite sports writers, but he has absolutely jumped the shark. I wish it weren't so. This isn't a Colts/Pats thing. It's talented writer moves to LA and loses his edge thing. Simmons has been responsible for some of my favorite collumns ever, but he hasn't been really good for some time now.

Demond Sanders said...

JC, I believe you are thinking about Fletcher, not Utecht. He's their sixth receiving option when everybody is healthy. Seventh if you count Addai out of the backfield, which after last game I'm guessing you do.