Sunday, November 4, 2007

Patriots Pre-game

I really hate these guys. I'll be rooting as much for the Patriots to lose today as I will be for the Colts to win. This game is difficult to predict because of the injuries to Marvin Harrison, Tony Ugoh, and Freddy Keiaho. The presence of each would have a major impact on the game. Marvin greatly limits your options as a defense because you don't want to leave him with single coverage very often. Tony Ugoh's run blocking is critical in a game like this. And do you really want to face that offense with Rocky Boiman playing a major role?

The national experts were much more split in their predictions than I figured they would be, but the media hype-meter undoubtedly points to the Patriots. The Colts are underdogs in a building where they've won 14 consecutive games. The Colts almost never play the respect card, but today they come in with a chip on their shoulder.

I liked what I saw from the Cleveland and Dallas rushing offenses earlier in the season. Today is not a day where you worry about preserving Addai. You hand it to him 25 times and throw it to him 12 times. The Colts are going to come out swinging and grab a sizable lead. It's a much tougher game without the injured players, but I still have a good feeling about this game. I think Indy hangs on for a 34-28 win.


rich said...

Man - you guys need to chill - all I read on this blog is about venom and hatred of the Pats. No one likes a hater people.

Prediction: 41-20 Pats.

Tony Ugoh will have his hands full w Rosie Colvin and Seymour. Key factor. Also, expect Wes Welker to take advantage of the Tampa Two in the seems. Ben Watson should prove an Xfactor as well. The only reason the Pats won't score more is the deficiency at RB with Maroney. He's proving to be a HUGE disappointment.

Giddy up.

Anonymous said...

In the 2006 reg season game, the Pats as a team were substantially better than the Colts. Brady, however, played like crap and Manning played one of the greatest games in NFL history (measured by the phenomenal pressure that the Pats were able to generate).

In the 2005 reg season game, the teams were basically even. The Colts doubled the Pats because Manning was able to squeeze passes into tight places under pressure and Brady was not.

This game always comes down to whether Manning can be two or three times better than Brady. Pats have always been better on defense, special teams and the offensive line. This year, NE is also better at receiver with Marvin hobbled.

Jacob Burch said...

wouldn't a hater be someone who comments on a rival's blogs constantly with illogical and trollish comments?

the 2005 teams were balanced? did you watch that game, or were you completely unaware at how completely average that patriots injured secondary was?

the defensive advantage between the two teams is null now, and i'd go as far as to say that for this year and the next few, i'd rather have the colts than the aging linebacker core-based patriots. this year we may chalk them up as indiscriminately equal, but that difference should see a gap as the years move on.

anyways, along with that list of injuries, do not lower the injury of hagler--he's new and we haven't seen much of him, but the drop off after him is huge if both he and kieaho can't play.

Julio Queiroz said...

Actually the Colts have not been running tampa two so often. Welker on the slot is a huge threat, nonetheless. Maroney is not a disappointment, he's simply not as good as people want him to be. Colts secondary play is greatly physical, and the Pats will have a problem with that.