Friday, November 2, 2007

Hate still to come

We should have the 88 Reasons We Hate the New England Patriots up this evening. I really am going to to limit the links today. For one, I'm busy most of the day, and two: I'm really sick of it. So no links unless they are really good. Here's an example of a good one:
Cold Hard Football Facts tracks the Manning/Brady rivalry, and names it the best ever. I'm inclined to agree. I think we'll be talking about these games for decades.

Len Pasquarelli's piece merits a link today. He delineates how the two teams have been built. The Colts numbers are insane. They simply don't sign players who played on other teams. This should also tell everyone how amazing Adam Vinatieri is.


Anonymous said...

To say that Brady/Manning is a rivalry in reality is total BS. Since 2003, Manning has lifted a team with a terrible defense, bad special teams and a mediocre offensive line to incredible levels of efficiency. Brady has ridden on the backs of a great defense, quality special teams and an awesome offensive line to dink and dunk his way to his status as the most over-rated athlete in sports history.

To even ask whether Brady or Manning is better is to denigrate Manning. Manning is the greatest QB to ever play the game. Even those who may disagree with that statement acknowledge that Peyton is in the mix. Brady doesn't belong in the conversation. He simply has never played very well. Ever. He's always had great protection and never been as accurate a passer as he should be. He's Kurt Warner with the Rams -- a journeyman whose teammates make him look great.

Anonymous said...

That is the most assinine post I've ever read! How many times has Peyton choked in big games in the pros as well as in college at Tennessee? Too many to count. Lay off the sauce, brother. Brady may be a 'journeyman' in your eyes... but he'll be a journeyman with 4 rings compared to your spoiled brat's 1!!!!