Thursday, November 1, 2007

Why this game isn't played at night

We complained about it months ago, and I think that had the league realized it would be two teams with a combined 15-0 record playing, they might have moved it, but the Colts and Pats are actually going to have to compete against two other NFL games on Sunday afternoon. Ugh. This game deserves it's own spotlight, but the reason it's not getting it is that the league had to appease CBS (who has now lucked into the two biggest games of the year in Dallas/NE and Indy/NE). This article suggests it could be the single highest rated afternoon game in history. I imagine CBS said, "Hey, we haven't had the Colts and Patriots for three straight years now, it's our crappy afternoon turn!" NBC got the Colts/Chargers (which 6 months ago seemed to have nearly identical potential) as a consolation. Still, it screws the fans (especially those who live in Houston and Oakland and apparently Cleveland...but those fan bases are used to getting screwed all the time anyway).

I hope you enjoy it CBS. This game should really have been played at night.

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