Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good thing they let Kyle Brady walk

The ever-informative Jaguars.com tells us that the Jags lost both TEs for the season during Sunday's game against Buffalo. That's an impressive feat. No word yet on whether injured LB Mike Peterson will play.

I think the story coming into this game has to be the play of QB David Gerrard. He has thrown 9 touchdowns and no interceptions for Jacksonville this season in eight games. Those numbers are far from explosive, but at least he's not turning the ball over like Leftwich. In the modern NFL that makes you a Pro Bowler. Then again, it is not exactly difficult to make the Pro Bowl. Just ask Vince Young and Philip Rivers.


Bob M. said...

No TEs for the Jags? We've seen this before (like when we lost three OTs)... what comes to mind--incredibly poor passing pocket security, blanketed WRs because there's no underneath TE threat, INTs... probably a weakened run game. Garrard has been good this year. I predict that hits a speed bump this weekend.

What's their alternative, even if they pick up some warm body TE off someone else's practice squad? He'll have a playbook written in crayon to absorb in 3 days. Putting a reserve OT there? Good for blocking, bad for catching, and thins out their depth should another injury occur.

I wonder if this will be televised in Seattle like their last game... I can hope.

Jesse said...


No TE's and crappy receivers = 14 pass attempts.