Monday, November 5, 2007

The Morning After

So I'm still not exactly sure how I feel today. The weird thing is that there are still a lot of games to play but it feels like there shouldn't be. I was pondering where this loss ranked among the tough losses we've had through the years, and the answer is, I have no idea. Obviously, if we miss out of the #1 seed by a game, it'll hurt more, but I honestly thought that it wouldn't matter before the game, so I'm not really even depressed today. I see New England going 15-1 and Indy going about 14-2 or 13-3. The two seed seems fairly secure, and hopefully the team can come off the mat with a tough win next week in San Diego.

These are my thoughts of day:

1. There are a lot of pissed off people in New England today. A lot of people lost a lot of money on that game because they bet the Pats. That makes me smile.

2. The Patriots seem rather surly even though they won. Their aura of invincibility was irrevocably shattered yesterday, and I don't think they like it.

3. What's with Belichick being an ass to Dungy? I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I sort of am. Is this really over the comments Dungy said after the cheating? If you read those comments, they really weren't much. He seemed to be saying it was a shame that people will taint their accomplishments the way people look at Barry Bonds. BB is a psycho. He must be a very unhappy man.

4. The coverage seems to go in two veins: some people say NE is going 19-0 because Indy can't possibly win there. Others seem to realize that this was about more than a win and a loss, because that won't matter much in the end. This was about NE getting exposed by a team that was down 5 starters. Indy is perfectly capable of winning in Foxborough, as they've shown the last two years. I actually think the bad weather will hurt NE more than Indy, but I've made that point for weeks and even I'm sick of saying it.

5. There were a couple, not many, of weird comments about Manning. Um, he played pretty great folks. His receivers dropped two TD passes or this game isn't close. His left tackle was a disaster, and he was throwing balls to Aaron Moorehead. This one isn't on him. He out played Brady, who had all his weapons, but other than Moss bailing his high throws out all day, didn't really look that good. He did have a nice scramble for a big first down and threw a nice ball to Stallworth and two good tosses to Welker at the end, but this game was about people other than Manning and Brady. Both had good throws and bad throws.

6. I'm glad the D is pissed. Honestly, I'm ok with their 'collapse' because they still held the Pats to 24, but they clearly felt they should have held them to 10 or so. That's the right attitude. Bring that fire Sunday night, will you?

7. I'm pretty much right in line with Kravitz's take which sounds like things we said here yesterday. Honestly, the red zone failures yesterday had as much to do with personnel losses as anything. No Harrison and no AG meant that Clark could be blanketed all day. The FO Comments mention that as well.

8. Randy Moss is the unquestioned MVP of the NFL. I can't honestly understand how there is even a debate about this. Can someone explain to me how an argument can be made for anyone else. As far as the Tim Jennings thing goes, don't ask me. It's utterly inexplicable. He must be fast, because he's not good at much else. He did almost have a pick on a nice jump of a route against Moss yesterday, but that was the only play I saw him make. There isn't anything else to say about him that hasn't already be screamed.

9. Thanks to all of you for reading! I had a good time with the live game blog and we passed 1000 hits in a day for the first time, so that was cool. Win or lose, will be here for you to comiserate with. I'm actually not surprised by the lack of blowback from the Pats fans. I think we all know that game could have gone either way, and there isn't any point in blowing crap until January when all hell will break loose.

10. I'm not going to post a lot of links today or tomorrow unless they are really strong. I'm exhausted by the past week, and sort of tired of the talk. We will be doing 18 Plays tonight, so look for that tomorrow.

11. About the noise glitch on CBS. . . seriously people, get over this story. Some idiots actually think that the technical glitch they saw on TV was what things sounded like in the dome. I hope the league does a full investigation so the morons can stop their yapping. NOT EVERYONE CHEATS PATS FANS! Just because your coach is a freak doesn't mean the whole world is. Give it up.

Like I said, I'm not really depressed at all; I'm irritated and a little pissed off. I imagine the Colts feel the same way.


Anonymous said...

There is really one simple way to look at this game. If the Colts had been healthy and the Pats had been missing Moss, Light, Colvin and Thomas, does anyone honestly believe the Pats would have won, let alone stayed close?

When healthy, these are two evenly matched teams. For the rematch in Foxboro, the one and perhaps only determining factor will be who's healty and who's not. Weather will actually work to the Colts favor, since the teams have essentially switched identities.

The only thing bothersome about this loss is having to endure hearing about the greatness of the Pats from now until January 20.

DZ said...

Ding ding ding. We have a winner

Anonymous said...

So you don't consider adding in fake crowd noise to be cheating? Or are you saying you don't believe it happened? You are in denial. Just part of the game, because there is a loophole that allows it? Hmmm, sounds mighty familiar to something I heard about another team... The question is, why can't Colts fans make enough noise on their own?

Yes two very evenly matched teams. I actually like Peyton Manning as a player. But he has shown a tendency to choke it up at the worst moments.

colts girl said...

Anon #2: Have you ever been to the Dome? There isn't any need to pipe in noise--the fans are off the hook. Even for those games near the end of the season that haven't meant too much in recent years. Unless you've been there, you can't say anything about the noise. Get over it.

I agree with the whole original post. I was going to post something very similar myself, but you said it better and with greater clarity than I would have. Nice.

Ian said...

Couldn't agree more with the Moss MVP. If he isn't on the field, the Patriots don't score two of those TDs. He kept them in it the whole game.

This will forever live on as the "if we only had Marvin" game.

I realize I shouldn't be so upset about a regular season non-division loss but we had it locked up and just couldn't move the ball with a depleted receiving corps. Now we HAVE to win in SD.

Anonymous said...

You, sir, are an idiot.

colts girl said...

Posted this in "Let Me Be Clear..." as well, but I thought it fit nicely here since the accusations have flown about here, too. Here's an article with CBS exhonorating (sp?) the Colts since the weird noise was, in fact, feedback from their audio.,0,7199775.story

Read it and weep, anon #2.

Anonymous said...

Special teams, dropped passes and injuries. The kicking game debacle (a Colt constant for years) combined with an abundance of dropped passes (a disturbing trend from last year that just keeps getting worse) must have cost the Colts at least 200 yards.

Even then, the injury to Gonzo was key. Once the Pats figured out that Moorehead was a self-check, they got out of their game plan and brought more people in the box. This shut down the run game and amped up the pass rush.

Colt offensive line has never been stellar. Without legit WR threats to keep the Pat defense honest, the Colts' offense was doomed.

Mosi Tatupu said...

you guys sound like Pats fans after squandering a big lead in last year's AFC champ: "Without legit WR threats to keep the Pat defense honest, the Colts' offense was doomed."

you think brady had anyone to throw to the past several years - no. and they still have managed to beat the Colts more often than not.

bottomline - the Pats made more plays than the colts. last time i checked, football is a team game and pass blocking, punt coverage and proper route running are just as important as every other facet of the game - including the ability to catch (i.e. Moss, Welker, Stallworth) and not catch (Clark, moorhead, etc).

get over it, stop your whining and "Colts lost it rather than Pats won it" mantra and focus on the Chargers. you all know it comes down to these two teams in gilette in 10 weeks..

Deshawn Zombie said...

Ok, see I'm pretty that's what we've been saying. The Pats came out and won that game. My in game blog was pretty clear about how I felt about their play. They had some tough calls go against them, and Indy played down 5 starters. That's life. I don't think the Pats win the rematch because I don't think Brady's lob balls will work so well in January. But hey, Al Gore says pretty soon we can swim anyday in November, so you never know...
You are totally right about football being a team game, and the Pats were just a tad better in a couple of areas yesterday and it was the difference. I think that with a couple of key players back, those advantages for NE will dissapate. Though honestly, there's no reason to worry about it now. If either team suffers a key injury between now and then it could shift everything around. The two teams are about as even as they come.

mosi tatupu said...

fair enough, deshawn. agreed, these teams are scarily even and if the pats suffer another loss like a sammie morris type contributer, you're right, they're screwed.

Anonymous said...

This is such a lie --
"you think brady had anyone to throw to the past several years - no. and they still have managed to beat the Colts more often than not."

Not a misperception. A lie. A bald-faced lie. It's a slander of an outstanding, Pro Bowl player in Branch, and quality receivers like Givens and a host of TEs.

All those overthrows and bounce passes that Brady makes and STILL makes this year are not the fault of the receivers.

But the biggest reason that your statement is an egregious falsehood is it's failure to acknowledge the extraordinarily good pass protection that Brady has enjoyed throughout his career. Pass pro is the key to the NFL. And Brady's has been tremendous.

Every coach who ever blew a whistle in the NFL will tell you that great pass pro is more important the great receivers. A team with a great line and bad WRs will have a great offense. It will make a mediocre QB into a pro bowler (see e.g. Tom Brady). A team with great WRs and a terrible O-line isn't very good (see e.g. Arizona).