Sunday, November 11, 2007

88 is out and the Pacers and Hoosiers fade

HEEEEY! There's the Pacers we know and love! Fading hard down the stretch in three straight winnable games! Last night's debacle of a 4th quarter was an embarrassment, but tonight to light up the scoreboard in the first quarter and then not even match that total in the second half. . . sigh, I guess the 3-0 was a mirage. I'm not surprised, but still a little disappointed.

The Colts waived TJ Rushing. I realize this is a roster move to deal with injuries (specifically almost no WRs), but his terrible game last week didn't help him. He barely made the 20 on his returns. Not a good sign, with Craphonso waiting in the wings to pull a CNN on us.

Finally, I'm not sure how the officials ruled the way they did at the end of the IU/Northwestern game today, but I suppose if you could just rule on the idiocy of play, Lewis's pass attempt DESERVED to be a fumble. I'm sorry, but if IU gets whipped by the Boilers next week, I hope they do get shut out of a bowl. Wins over Minnesota, Ball St, and 1AA schools just don't scream "we're for real." This team should already have 8 wins, and we'd be talking a possible New Year's day game. I'm just not convinced Bill Lynch is a big time college coach.

Finally, Demond and I haven't worked it out yet, but one of us will definitely be blogging tomorrow's game live, so check it out.

Demond Sanders: I can't say I feel sorry for you if you were looking to the Pacers and IU Football to get you out of your post-Patriots depression. Rushing will be back eventually. He was terrible against the Patriots, but he had been solid in his other games. No fumbles and consistently decent returns is all the Colts are looking for. Last week he hurt the team with poor decisions. Although Polian pointed out that they had a big return set up at one point and someone missed a key block that would have sprung Rushing.

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