Saturday, November 17, 2007

Haiku Power

If anyone hasn't read the comments on yesterday's Asian poetry themed post, make sure you do. It's haiku mania here at 18to88. Seriously nice work people.

Saturday is by far our slowest traffic day around here at That means I probably should have gotten around to posting Eyes in the Backfield yesterday. It didn't happen though... A friend suggest that I 'tease' Eyes here on the blog so people realize what it is, so here is that 'tease':

Simply because we are lazy, we've combined Eyes in the Backfield for the next two games. It's easy to see them as a unit and a prelude to the big rematch with Jacksonville, so we'll confess that we are indeed guilty of looking ahead just a bit. This week:

1. Watch for Rice-a-roni. Not to go all Chris Berman on you early, but Simeon Rice should get some very limited playing time in these first two games. No one is overly optimistic that he’ll contribute much (and certainly not until the long layoff before Jacksonville), but it should be interesting to see what he can do mostly in nickel packages where he can just rush the passer. More importantly, see if Josh Thomas can continue his solid play this year in an expanded role. He usually makes a play or two a game as a spot rusher. He’s the real answer at LDE.

There are 17 more lovely nuggets of truth on Eyes each week, so check it out.

Finally, THE DEVILS DO IT AGAIN! Pike has played three insane games in three weeks, but will now take on Carmel in the state championship game at the dome next Saturday. This is a classic matchup of good vs evil as...wait, never mind. I get carried away sometimes. I suppose 88 reasons to hate Carmel would be overkill wouldn't it? 18to88 will be present for next week's game and will give you all a full report. I know you can't wait.

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Andy said...

88 Reasons to hate Carmel would be completely and entirely justified.