Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brother can you spare a dime?

Dante Hughes is done for the year. An already thin Colts secondary has been dealt another (albeit minor) blow. Hughes has played sparingly this year (he did get torched for a long TD on Thursday), and had been somewhat slowed by injuries all year. He was competing for the third corner slot, but was playing mostly on special teams and dime coverage. The team signed another corner who had previously been with the Bucs (read: knows the system and slow). Keiwan Ratliff, welcome to the World Champs. I have nightmares of him getting beat by Jabar Gaffney in January.

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Bob M. said...

This is the first year since Doss was drafted that our secondary has been pretty darn healthy. Even when "the other Demond Sanders" started 12+ games in 05, IIRC there were plenty of other injuries back there.

I hope this is not a case of a "first shoe dropping" in the defensive backfield. And, in light of our special teams performances of late, replacing what was primarily one special teamer with another can only be a plus, no? No offense to all the one-legged blind men out there having this read to them, but if we fielded coverage units with six one-legged blind men, we'd be in about the same situation as we were against SD.
Perhaps I exaggerate.
But this should not be much of a blow for this year. We do like to develop young talent, however, and I would not be surprised if our two high-draft-slot DBs got a lot of free agent mkt interest when their contracts roll (we're what, #1 against the pass with a relatively low sack total!), so who knows if Hughes will be a starter in a couple years.