Thursday, November 1, 2007

Greatest. Article. Ever...and a lot of other stuff

Want to have some fun today? Check out this gem on Zombie Bob Sanders. I had gone back and forth on Bob, wondering if the Colts could actually resign him to a huge deal when he is such a huge injury risk. The answer is obvious. They can't afford not to resign him. If he finishes this year healthy, possibly the best option would be to franchise him for a year. Something tells me they are more likely to do that with Clark, and try to sign Sanders. He's a freaking beast.

This week has me thinking about the passage in "Quiet Strength" where Dungy had to prepare his Bucs to play the 99 Rams. All the pregame talk by the Colts has me thinking they are using the same emotional a tornado vs. a hurricane. Somewhere, Belichick is standing on a hill outside Foxborough shouting, "DUNGY! YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD! I READ YOUR BOOOOOOOOOOK!" Oh, for the record, the Bucs had that game won, until they got jobbed by the refs. I'm starting to wonder if this game doesn't end with Wes Welker getting carted off the field after going over the middle against a team that actually hits.


Anonymous said...

Somebody tell Whitlock that playoff games are big games.

Q. Name the QB who played the greatest playoff game in NFL history.
A. Peyton Manning @ KC during 2003 playoffs (no one else is even close).

Q. Name the 2d best game ever played by a QB in the NFL playoffs.
A. Peyton Manning vs. Denver in 2003 playoffs.

Q. Name the best consecutive game stretch by a QB in NFL history.
A. Peyton Manning vs. Den and @KC in 2003 playoffs.

Other nominees for inclusion in top 10 greatest playoff games by an NFL QB -- Manning vs. NE in 2006 AFC title game and Manning vs. Denver in 2004 playoffs.

Hmmmmmm. The two best playoff games ever. Four of the top 10 playoff games in NFL history. Too bad Peyton can't perform in big games.

Whitlock on social commentary is weak. His analysis of football is truly pathetic.

He's a clown.

Anonymous said...

The last article about the scouts just goes to show that the author is an idiot and the scouts are bozos. If you haven't noticed how often Brady throws bounce passes and overthrows, you have to be blind.

Play action passes? Mechanics in the running game (the ones Jeff Fisher says cannot be replicated)? Impact of no-huddle on defensive rotation? Ability to beat the unblocked blitzer?

Comparison of pass pro over the years? Decision-making (remember Brady's meltdown vs. last place Miami)?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Z is guessing that Peyton will go no huddle the whole game. Wow -- talk about watching credibility flush down the hole. Just a guess, Dr. Z? Can't nail down the Colt tendencies any better than that?

From that one sentence, we now know that Dr. Z hasn't seen many Colt games.

He has the offensive lines graded as even. Has he actually watched any games involving these teams? Hey Dr. Z! A hint for you -- if you see the QB holding the ball forever without any pressure? That means the line is doing a good job. Really! You should check it out sometime when you watch NE play. Brady doesn't hold it for 10 seconds because of his mental, physical, athletic and psychological greatness. He can hold it that long because of the 5 large humans in front of him.

Deshawn Zombie said...

an excellent point by the last poster. The problem with the Pats run game is not their line, it's their backs. They have the best pass blocking line in the league easy. Manning takes fewer sacks than TommyBoy, but only because he's amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Czar! When the QB has all day to throw and a WR wide open in the end zone just 20 yards away, it is called a mistake when he bounces the ball in front of the WR. And when he has a WR wide open for a first down, has perfect pass protection, yet throws it 10 yards over his head -- that's a mistake, too.

How do these writers keep getting paid for the drivel they crank out? Wouldn't it be great if there was a publication that actually paid attention to what was happening on the football field?

HeatherRadish said...

I didn't see you mention the one in the Indy Star where Belicheat says the Colts are the best team in the NFL.

I'm curious what other people think. It's obviously some sort of bizarre psycho-out strategy, but I didn't take abnormal psych in college...