Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The families of Charlie Johnson and Tim Jennings probably shouldn't listen

to 18 Plays this week. Yeah, we managed to drag Demond in to record it, despite many threats throughout the year that he wouldn't talk after a loss. You can download our palate cleansing effort from the website or from Itunes. We do manage to laugh. . . once or twice.


Ian said...

Listening to it now in an act of self-flagellation.

Joel said...

Great podcast guys. Ugh. It still hurts. I told my wife before the game, "as long as we keep this game close, I won't be that disappointed, given all the injuries." Well, that was a complete lie. It's horribly disappointing. I'm not out on a ledge like I might have been if we had lost by 28 points or something; but I think I feel a bit like Pats fans must have felt last year after the playoff game... seeing us have the win in our grasp, and just let it slip away.

Actually, strike that; I'm sure I don't feel like Pats fans felt after that game. I'm not recovering from a Keystone Light-induced hangover, or waking up next to some broad that looks like Tedy Bruschi after a coke bender.

DZ said...