Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Roosevelt Colvin on IR

The New England Patriots lost their only likable player when they placed Broad Ripple HS standout Roosevelt Colvin on IR today. It's official; there is no reason to like the Patriots. This is a big blow to Bill Belichick's squad given how well Rosie has played over the past few seasons. He is their youngest starting linebacker at the age of 30 and is one of their better defensive players. The Patriots have had an uncanny ability to overcome injuries during their Super Bowl years, but even so I believe this is a significant injury that will be felt come playoff time. I'd love to be able to tell you what exactly Colvin's injury is, but even his head coach does not seem to know.

Deshawn Zombie Comments: I hate injuries. I especially hate injuries to guys from Indy. I suppose, if there was going to be an injury that would offset Freeney's, this would be it. It's official, Colts fans can't complain about Freeney being hurt, because Colvin plays much the same role for the Pats. Both teams are down a key player, which is a shame.

In other news, Etruesports.com says there is a growing rift between the Manning boys.

Freeney is obviously more important than Colvin, but I know where you are coming from. New England has been fortunate to only lose one defensive starter to IR this season. The Colts have lost McFarland, Morris, and Freeney.


jc said...

Word has it it's a broken foot bone.

Similar to what kept Ty Law out most of the 2004 season.

Anonymous said...

I've always had a great deal of respect for Teddi Bruschi. Remember, he went out of his way to come and find Peyton after the AFC Championship to congratulate him, and it wasn't a brief thing, either. He pulled Peyton's head down to his mouth and spoke earnestly into his ear quite a few words as Peyton nodded his thanks. I can't help but respect him. It's too bad more of it hasn't rubbed off on his teammates.

Bob M. said...

Much as I respect Bruschi as a player, I think he's just nuts as a human being. Doctor: "Son, you got a hole in your heart, you had a stroke, and you have a wife and young kids." Tedy: "Doc, when can you get me back on the field?"

I predicted his early demise back then but the man is amazing. Glad he's alive and hope it stays that way, but if anyone on the planet had a legitimate reason to spend some time with the wife and kids, it was him.

colts girl said...

Did anyone else find that article about the Manning brothers odd? They don't seem like the type of people (or family) to say all those things about one another...especially to the press. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Bruschi's wife was against him returning to the field too, but the doctors said he was no more at risk of another stroke than anybody else. By the way, isn't a stroke a blood clot in the brain rather than a hole in the heart?

Anonymous said...

Bruschi had a hole in his heart that caused a blood clot that traveled to his brain that caused a stroke. The hole was fixed and his risk for this happening again is virtually zero. The more time that passes with him staying well, the less likely this will ever recur.