Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Up late

I didn't get to bed until the wee hours last night because I was putting together 18 Plays. I've had neither the time nor honestly the desire to scan the web for stuff today (weeks after a loss are usually like that), but I did like Dr. Z's power rankings. He did a good job explaining the ebb and flow of the game and is to this point the only commentator to mention that the Colts were missing linebackers (and not just Marvin Harrison). I also heard a first: Chris Mortensen said that:

"The Titans are winning despite Vince Young's struggles."

I can't tell you how relieved I am that someone actually pointed this out. At some point, the world has to wake up to the fact that that defense is legit, and Young simply isn't playing up to the quality of the rest of his team.

My war with the Pats fans continues much as it has for the last couple of days. We have settled down in to just two categories: nice guys who had a good laugh and sickos. To the nice guys out there who root for the Pats, I say good luck, hope your team stays healthy so we can have legit epic rematch in January with no excuses for anyone. To the sickos (and they far out number the people who are decent). . . I usually just mock them.

As it turns out we've had a LOAD of traffic from the Boston site "". Which explains the virulent nature of a lot of the email. One guy actually bothered to download 18 Plays and then wrote me this morning to say:

You guys are such homers it makes me sick. It makes my physically sick.

This was about the 10th message from this guy. We had earlier dialogued about whether some of his earlier comments were racist (Tony Dungy looks like a crack user said Mr. Personality). Of course, I responded to him as I always do when people accuse of being homers. . .


Let me be clear for those of you out there that seem confused about Demond and I:

1. We are Colts fans.
2. We run a website for Colts fans.
3. We don't make any money doing it, and we have no agenda other than to be funny (defined by: whatever makes us laugh at each other) and promote our team.
4. Although. . . we can be bought if anyone is interested. . . no? Ok, no harm in asking.

Again, I sort of thought all that was sort of self evident. . . but apparently it isn't.

88 Reasons to Hate the Patriots is now the second most viewed page in 18to88 history, still some 32,000 views behind our Star Wars NFL predictions. Which basically proves that love (of Star Wars) is stronger than hate (of the Patriots). Let's hope that always holds true.


zac said...

I think you guys are funny. Usually. Although this past week I was laughing to keep from crying about the loss. Don't let those Pats turkeys get you down. They need to learn how to win with class.

colts girl said...

Never saw the Star Wars Predictions page before--what a hoot! I love this place!

Anonymous said...

hy would it makeyou feel better to have Dr Z consider your injuries? When the Pats had all those secondary injuries against the Colts in the 2 games in NE and the Colts beat them, I think I read that the Pats shouldn't use that as an excuse.

Is this your excuse?

Deshawn Zombie said...

For frick's sake, it's not an excuse. Dr. Z's article is a simple analysis of how the injuries changed the game. Injuries are a reality. They aren't an excuse. They do affect what happens, and analyzing that is relevant, especially when the teams might play again with different groupings of players on the field.
Injuries help you know why a team that lost a game in the regular season, might well win the game when replayed later in the season.
That's not an excuse. It's called analysis. The typical Pats fan anaylisis is: Tom Brady is so clutch and Peyton Manning is a choker. Stuff like that is neither true nor helpful in figuring out why and how things happened.
The Pats won that game. We've said it a dozen times. I think Indy wins in January though, because they will hopefully field a better, more healthy team than they did on Sunday.

Anonymous said... here's a "noise-gate" link for you.

zac said...

Who the hell is anonymous??? Show yourself!!!! Summon the courage to speak with a name, man (woman, ogre, undecided)!!!!

Deshawn Zombie said...

Wait! You caught them! An unidentified security guard! Ho ho! Red handed! He would surely know the inner workings of the Dome PA system!
This isn't even a story, and doesn't qualify as journalism.

Nic said...

No worries guys. An unidentified hot-dog vendor told me that security guard is a liar.

Deshawn Zombie said...