Saturday, July 28, 2007

You're throwing away a fortune Jabba! Don't be a fool!

Corey Simon is back.

In what continues to be the most mystifying Colts story since why my dad insisted that Lamont Warren was a better back than Marshal Faulk, Simon is reporting to camp and claims to want to play. The Colts are not commenting, seeming to question Simon's ability to pass his physical. If he does indeed pass it, it will curious to see what happens next. Will they cut Simon and save his base salary or call his bluff and let him play? Demond likened this to the Friends episode when Phoebe and Rachel knew that Monica and Chandler were dating and Monica and Chandler knew that they knew, and they all had a big bluff off involving Chandler and Phoebe pretending to want to get it on together in an attempt to flush out the bluffers.

Apparently, Demond is a teenaged girl trapped in 1998.

Maybe they'll name this episode "The one where a huge fat guy got paid for doing jack freaking squat".

Demond Sanders' Comments: That insightful analogy was not meant for public consumption you ass. Friends was way overrated, so much so that it later became slightly underrated. Anyway, check these websites out if you want a laugh: and Yes, Corey Simon has his own "success center." I'm guessing it's not a gym.

When Corey Simon played, he played very well. The frustrating thing is that we all know the Colts are going to cut him, but these continued reports keep giving us hope. Let's face it a rotating DT-line of McFarland, a healthy Simon, Raheem Brock, Klecko, Reid, and the new kid Pitcock would be amazing. Yeah, right.

While googling images of Corey Simon in action, this was one of the few pics I came across. I believe it intends to show a natural progression.

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