Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Getting a Schiener

Some really nice commentary today from an unlikely source. Foxsports.com's Adam Schien, who is generally pro-Colts while being sort of clueless (watch him on the videos sometime, ugh), comments on the negotiations between Freeney and the Colts. He has some interesting insights and comments on the process, calling it a win for everyone involved.


The Lions signing Cory Redding to a huge contract has to mollify those out there that claim Freeney was overpaid. The problem is that the new collective bargaining agreement pushed the salary cap up so much that we are now seeing a major jump in the value of contracts. You can't compare what guys who signed 2 years ago are making to guys who sign this year. The rules are different. By this time next year, Freeney's deal will seem like a bargain. Especially if he has a big year.

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