Monday, July 16, 2007


I'm sick of them and so are you, but this one is by the Footballoutsiders so a. it's right and b. it's smart and c. it's funny. I'm going to link to the blurb about it off their main page rather than to the real article on Their disdain for the readership of Foxsports is classic. By the way, the's about quarterbacks, and since FO is the best, there isn't any doubt about which team has the #1 unit. Best part about this article as opposed to the lame nonsense that Scouts (we employee the man responsible for the worst draft record in modern sports history and call him an expert-Jeremy Green, I'm looking at you dude) Inc., FO actually has some wicked cool stats! Wow. Research. I almost don't know what to do with myself.

In other surfing news, I was listening to the BS report (Bill Simmons' podcast). We like to kick him around for being a Boston loving tool, but in truth I love his stuff. His podcast is surprisingly good, even if his voice sounds like he's 12. Last week, he and ESPY host Jimmy Kimmel talked about that experience. Here is a transcript of some of that conversation:

Simmons: "You know what I hate working these award shows because you have people in your mind that you like and you don't want to want to meet because you don't want to find out they're a bad guy. And then you have people that you don't want to like because it's more fun not to like them, and when you meet them, they're a good guy. And for me, Peyton Manning, you know I hate the Colts. I always root against them; I always say he doesn't come through in the clutch. And then to meet him and see what a gracious guy he was. He's taking pictures with everybody...

Kimmel: Yeah, he's like funny (Simmons: yeah), and engaging. He was, he was much much friendlier than I would have guessed.

Simmons: yeah, actually he was more charismatic than I would have guessed

Kimmel: Yeah, his wife was nice too.

Simmons: I'm so glad I met him. My whole life will be different from this day on. I'm a Colts fan now. I've seen the light. Brady sucks. He and his metro sexual-self can shove it. I'm throwing on some Kenney Chesney, hoping in my car and going out to buy a #18 jersey.

No, actually his last words were: I'm really mad I met him, I'm going somehow have it digitally erased from my brain. The entire experience.

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