Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Third of three new articles is up on 18to88.com


Deshawn Zombie goes in depth with a detailed, stat-loaded look at Coach Dungy's chances of enshrinement. Excellent stuff.

As for me, I spent the Saturday before Super Bowl XLI watching ESPN2 air old NFL Films of the early Super Bowls. I'll never forget hearing John Facenda booming out at the end of the episode about Super Bowl II, "The players hoist Lombardi on their shoulders and carry him off the field towards the locker-room and one step closer to the Hall of Fame." I said to myself, "If the Colts win, I hope they carry Tony on their shoulders tommorrow like they used to back in the day."

Sure enough, Tony was up in the air as soon as the clock read 0:00. All of that to say, as of that moment I held zero doubt that Tony will be in Canton someday soon.

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